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Responsible Digital Finance for
Producers and Businesses

Responsible digital finance features integrated in KoltiTrace MIS platform solutions. E-payments, e-wallet-, e-bills, e-loans, e-insurance and financial statements. KoltiPay offers loans, savings, micro-insurance, and the ease of paying for everyday services like bills and prepaid top-ups.


Save money in your e-wallet


Make cashless



Apply for

a micro-loan


Make and receive split payments


Track your transactions


Pay bills and top up your phone


Access crop insurance


Transfer from e-wallet to a bank account

Koltipay for Businesses

Introducing Cashless Payments to Rural Value Chains

KoltiPay provides your business access to responsible digital finance and payments from table to the seed. Your business can easily access KoltiPay Koltiva’s end-to-end ecosystem on KoltiTrace web and mobile apps. 

Premium Distribution


Execute premium payment distributions to farmers and suppliers with affordable cost, easy-to-use single dashboard with comprehensive monitoring feature, and supported by our responsive field team.

Crop Procurement

Procure farmers’ crop with ease, and select the easy payment option through the apps with bank transfer (BRIVA, ATM Bersama) or KoltiPay.

Agri-Input Purchasing

Ease your businesses by integrate with KoltiPay features to enjoy agri-input purchasing process from farmer to kiosk, distributors, until collectors with various payment that secure and convenient. 


Capacity building in digital and financial literacy to our business users. Individual user support for agri-input shops and crop aggregators along rural value chains.

Manage Loan Application

Easy access to loan application, easy to manage loan  from farmers, check the loan portfolio, verify & approve loans, until repayments.

Go Cashless

Traders do not need to withdraw cash at ATMs or banks that are located far from their location to carry out of the crop transactions, and simply pay farmers through KoltiPay.

Koltipay for Producers

Introducing Cashless Payments to
Rural Communities

KoltiPay is a digital wallet that provides convenience and secure transactions for all needs of global and rural value chains that empower local communities and small producers. 

Shifting cash-based transactions in areas of low data connectivity and smartphone penetration is the biggest challenge to digitize fully traceable and transparent global value chains. One producer at a time we move towards cashless payments and digital saving to empower producers become AgriPreneurs and escape poverty circles prevalent in rural value chains.


Make/Receive ePayments

Producers can easily receive payment from traders with KoltiPay on their FarmCloud application. Buy and sell agri-inputs product from their FarmCloud application.



Go Cashless

Empower producers to create savings. KoltiPay offers ePayment features to virtual bank accounts so Producers have access to digital cash that can easily be disbursed for emergency situations and buying agri-inputs without the hassle of applying for a loan 


Apply for a Micro-Loan

Submit loan application easily in just a tap from apps, getting approved instantly, and enjoy affordable low interest. Agri-Input loan, and cash loan available 


Traceable Payment Data

Users can track every transaction and improve their financial records easily.



Pay Bills and Top Up

Producers have access to KoltiPay mobile features to apply for pay electricity, mobile data and other PPOB facilities. Top up money easily that can be used to purchase agri-input, PPOB, etc


Split Payments

Producers needs pocket money, they have the option of receiving part of their payment in cash and the rest as cashless via online transfer.

koltipay feature

KoltiPay is available across all KoltiTrace Mobile Applications

Producers can access e-payments and crop insurance, create savings, access responsible loans, and directly pay electricity, social insurance premi, and phone credits directly from the FarmCloud App. 


Along with rural businesses and agri-inputs shops that can access e-payments, digital financing through FarmRetail and FarmGateApps.


Agronomists and Field Buyers using the ERP Portal application for time recording and other business administration tasks have full access to all KoltiPay features and can even top up e-Wallets on the FarmCloud when visiting producers 

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"Our users are producers in rural areas in Indonesia and globally in 47 countries. They all need some quick cash. 


With KoltiPay integrated to all Koltiva’s end-to-end ecosystems, they can easily start using cashless payments, e-wallets with split payment method to get some cash, and the rest goes directly to their savings accounts and digital wallets.”

We help rural enterprises and smallholder farmers by providing easy transactions and secure payments through KoltiPay

Unlocking Indonesian Agriculture’s Digital Future with KoltiPay





Split payments are a very helpful feature. Bank transfers can be received during the harvest season. But, when cocoa production is low like nowadays, I prefer cash payment to fulfill my daily needs.

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