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Your Trusted Global Partner for

EUDR Compliance: Empowering Businesses Worldwide

Sustainable Excellence Unleashed: EUDR-Focused Solutions withGeo-Location Data, Deforestation-Free Supply Chain, and Legal Compliance

Embark on a journey towards sustainable excellence with our comprehensive EUDR-focused technology and service solutions to ensure the collection of geolocation data, verify a deforestation-free supply chain, and ensure legal compliance. Elevate your commitment to environmental responsibility, compliance, and innovation as we pave the way for a greener, more resilient future. 

Supply Chain Mapping

To achieve 100% traceability to plantation, we collaborate with stakeholders to map producers within their supply chain. We perform detailed risk assessments for each producers and plot, including large-scale plantations that can be verified for EUDR compliance.

Extension Service

Offering support to implement sustainable sourcing with our Boots-on-the-Ground Staff facilitates supply chain mapping, ensures transactional traceability, and delivers risk mitigation services directly to smallholder producers.

Due Diligence Statement

Our KoltiTrace platform automates the creation of due diligence statements, risk assessments, and farmer list generated from collected data, supporting evidence submission for EUDR Compliance.​

Transactional Traceability

Ready to advance EUDR compliance? Enhance accuracy in linking farmers to shipments with our solution. Collectors can record traceability from farmer to importer. Our field team supports data collection, categorizing new or confirming existing producers in the supply chain.

Market Access & ​Reputation​

Failure to adhere to EUDR regulations may result in penalties, fines, and limitations on market access within the EU. We provide information regarding compliant and non-compliant farms, triggering a notification alert in the event of identifying a non-compliant farm.​

Elevated Features Tailored for Businesses to

Comply with EUDR Requirements​ with

Our Robust KoltiTrace Platform

Enhance traceability throughout your supply chain and benefit from automated due diligence processes to minimize manual efforts, ensuring thorough compliance with EUDR requirements. Additionally, effortlessly generate dynamic compliance reports for a comprehensive overview of your supply chain's alignment with regulations and standards.

EUDR Supply Chain Mapping and Risk Assessment 

The KoltiTrace MIS Mobile App provides processors with a tool to conduct supply chain mapping. It includes a thorough farm and risk assessment for each producer, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their compliance. The app also enables recording supply chain linkages among producers, intermediaries, and processors. Don't have the required field resources? Koltivahas the Boots-on-the-Ground to assist you in this journey.

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EUDR Deforestation Map

EUDR Deforestation 


This feature is fully compliant with the European Union's Deforestation Regulation. Accommodates diverse certification standards with varying deforestation cut-off dates, ensuring adaptability to various regulatory needs. The land use tracker is enriched with a comprehensive database that includes historic tree cover loss information, allowing users to analyze and understand deforestation trends over time. We are advancing our technology by integrating ALOS PALSAR and Sentinel satellite data into a backbone self-supervised deep learning framework. This approach significantly enhances the precision and speed of deforestation detection and monitoring,

EUDR Deforestation & Legality Verification

Automatic deforestation checks based on annually updated Sentinel satellite data and integration with the forthcoming EU deforestation baseline map will occur when accessible. Local protected area maps are integrated to verify producers legal compliance. There is also the potential for expansion to offer historical Land Use Change (LUC) emissions information to determine scope 3 emissions within your supply chain.

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EUDR Due Diligence Statement

The KoltiTrace platform streamlines the automatic generation of due diligence statements for processors and their primary suppliers. By leveraging collected data, we can craft tailored risk assessments, providing substantiating evidence for EUDR Compliance submissions

KoltiSkills, Extension Services: Our EUDR Service Solutions Paving the Way for Sustainable Futures

As a reliable worldwide EUDR compliance service provider, we boast a user base spanning 52 countries. Positioned as a comprehensive solution provider, we support your businesses, offering essential guidance for EUDR compliance. Going beyond EUDR, we deliver holistic end-to-end solutions and services to assist companies on their sustainable sourcing journey. Our approach includes boots-on-the-ground supply chain mapping, verification, and capacity building for producers facilitated by our team of agronomists.


Discover More of Our KoltiTrace Platform Solutions to Build Transparent and Resilient Supply Chains.​

Access to Finance, Premium Distribution

Integrated with our eWallet feature, KoltiPay, agribusinesses can enhance productivity and simplify payments by minimizing operational hours in premium distribution. Affordable fees reduce manual efforts, uploading producer data, funds can be efficiently disbursed to thousands of producers. The data summary includes producer numbers, disbursement methods, and total amounts, facilitating easy one-time payments. 

Farm Supply Chain Management
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Producers Supply Chain Management

Verify traceability from smallholder producers, collectors, and traders to its warehouses, processing facilities, retailers, and end customers. A comprehensive KPI dashboard is fully tailored to comply with data-sharing agreements and privacy policies.

Sourcing Origin GHG Management

We comprehensively track greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and carbon removals at each stage of the supply chain every year. We examine absolute GHG emissions or GHG intensity per ton of sourced materials. We correlate this data with global information on GAP adoption, climate and GHG, agri-inputs usage, soil conditions, farm revenues, and supply chain loyalty.

Sourcing Origin GHG Management

EUDR Supply Chain Mapping and Risk Assessment 

In the process of mapping producers and farms, Field Agents work closely with processors and suppliers to map smallholders in the processors' supply chains. Field Agents also conduct comprehensive farm and risk assessments for each producer, ensuring a thorough understanding of the associated risks within the agricultural landscape through the KoltiTrace application.​


Empower Your Business Sustainably, Navigating EUDR Compliance Effortlessly!

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