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AIvolution of Content: Crafting the Future with Artificial Intelligence

Rapid advancements in AI technology have fundamentally transformed companies' approaches to marketing endeavors in the dynamic business environment. Beyond mere data analysis, AI serves as a transformative force in elevating customer satisfaction scores (CSAT), fostering qualified leads, crafting personalized, engaging content marketing initiatives, and enhancing user interaction with AI-driven educational content designed for distinct industries. The question arises: How does AI revolutionize the marketing landscape, particularly when customized for specific industries?

AI guided the messaging and facilitated the creation of compelling content, augmenting human creativity and significantly streamlining the process. The collaboration between AI and human expertise does not replace innovation but enhances customer engagement, increasing brand loyalty and a newfound ability to redirect efforts toward novel avenues of growth.

Join Tika Sylvia, our distinguished Chief Marketing Officer at MarketingFest 2023 hosted by Exabytes. She will moderate a panel discussion during Session 5: "AI-volution of Content: Crafting the Future with Artificial Intelligence", exploring the thorough potential of AI in content creation. Furthermore, the discussion will also dive deep into how AI can be implemented to support digital creative businesses.

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AIvolution of Content: Crafting the Future with Artificial Intelligence -

Don't miss out!

📅 November 29, 2023
⏰ 4.00 – 4.35 PM (GMT+7)
📍 Soehanna Hall, SCBD, Jakarta

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