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Business Growth Opportunities through Brand & Marketing Strategy

In a world driven by innovation and competition, the power of a well-crafted brand and marketing strategy cannot be underestimated. Over the past few decades, the global economy has undergone a transformative shift toward digitalization. The disruption of a global pandemic has further underscored the need for businesses to cultivate innovative marketing strategies that reflect and adapt to these changes. This evolution has been driven by technological advancements, rising e-commerce platforms, and mobile applications that have reshaped businesses from conventional to digital.

We're thrilled to share that our Chief Marketing Officer, Tika Sylvia, will join the event as a prominent speaker with other industry experts and thought leaders to explore "Business Growth Opportunities through Brand & Marketing Strategy."

Tika will bring her wealth of expertise to the forefront, offering valuable insights and firsthand experiences that have propelled our company's brand to new heights through a purpose-driven brand approach. Furthermore, it explores the correlation between sustainability and a brand's ability to change market dynamics and global challenges, delving into how it can enhance resilience.

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Business Growth Opportunities through Brand & Marketing Strategy Event -

Don't miss out!

📅 Friday, 25th of August 2023
⏰ 2.00 - 4.20PM (GMT+7)
📍 Auditorium Soeria Atmadja FEB UI
🎥 IMOTION FEB UI YouTube Channel

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