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Case Study: Ecosystems for Agrifinance

The transition of SME finance towards digital ecosystems offers beyond credit. It provides small producers with access to finance, markets and valuable management support. This enhanced access empowers them to make investments in superior seeds, adopt modern farming techniques, and tap into broader markets, ultimately resulting in increased yields and income.

While the integrated ecosystem holds the potential to be a game-changer, it also raises valid concerns about access inequities. Small producers, particularly those in remote or marginalized areas, may encounter obstacles when adopting new technology. Hence, how does Koltiva provide solutions to cut these obstacles?

Our Chief Product Officer, Michael Perera, will represent Koltiva at the Global SME Finance Forum 2023. Michael will spotlight Koltiva's unwavering commitment and innovative digital ecosystems that have effectively addressed one of finance's most persistent challenges: providing financial solutions for small producers amidst the volatility of global markets and the unpredictability of weather patterns.

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Case Study: Ecosystems for Agrifinance -

Don't miss out!

📅 13th of September 2023
⏰ 03.45 – 04.45 PM (IST)
📍 Grand Hyatt Mumbai Hotel & Residences, Mumbai, India.

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