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Integration of Sustainable Requirements in Agritech

As a major exporter of commodities, especially to consumer countries like those in the European Union (EU), Indonesia is undertaking significant initiatives to reform its agricultural industry governance. This includes digitizing the supply chain ecosystem to meet EU's trade-related environmental standards. Sustainability has become crucial for maintaining market access, driving the adoption of Agritech applications to streamline processes from production to consumption, with a focus on establishing traceability from seed to table.

As a pioneering Agritech company, Koltiva, represented by our Chief Technology Officer, Furqonuddin Ramdhani, is participating in the Indonesia-European Union Agritech Dialogue Forum Group Discussion. Our aim is to provide insights into advancing the digitalization of supply chains for the benefit of smallholder farmers and to enhance the acceptance of sustainably produced Indonesian agricultural products in the European Union market.

During the dedicated session titled "Integration of Sustainable Requirements in Agritech," Furqonuddin Ramdhani will present Koltiva's comprehensive solutions tailored to meet EUDR compliance along with our end-to-end emission measurement capabilities through Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Assessment. These innovations are geared towards aiding businesses in fostering sustainability and adhering to the dynamic landscape of measures and regulations within the European Union.

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Integration of Sustainable Requirements in Agritech -

📅 February 19, 2023
⏰ 2.15 – 3.15 PM (GMT+7)
📍 Ibis Style Pajajaran, Bogor

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