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The Power of AI in Modern Business: Understanding the Consumers’ Minds

The role of AI in industries has evolved over time. In agriculture, AI plays a pivotal role by aiding agribusinesses in various aspects such as crop monitoring, disease detection, livestock monitoring, and precision agriculture. These applications empower producers with invaluable insights, facilitating informed decision-making and effective problem-solving. Meanwhile, in marketing, AI offers a plethora of benefits including enhanced efficiency, personalized customer experiences, and cost-effectiveness. By harnessing the power of AI, businesses can optimize their marketing strategies, streamline operations, and ultimately drive growth in today's dynamic market landscape. By combining automation with AI and machine learning capabilities, businesses can optimize interactions and deepen customer relationships. Chatbots and AI systems can handle simple tasks, analyze customer data, and predict needs, improving overall customer or user experience and reducing operational costs.

However, criticism arises as a significant number of customers still prefer human interaction, pointing out emotional understanding and complex problem-solving as areas where AI falls short. To bridge this gap, a hybrid approach, integrating both AI and human agents, is suggested. While AI excels in automation and efficiency, humans are valued for emotional intelligence and handling complex issues. The focus should be on complementing, rather than replacing, the human element in customer engagement as AI continues to evolve.

Dive into the 20th MIST experience as our Chief Marketing Officer, Tika Sylvia, takes the stage as a featured speaker in a session entitled "The Power of AI in Modern Business: Deciphering the Consumer Mind." She will explore the role of AI in the marketing industry and showcase Koltiva’s AI implementation in agriculture. Furthermore, the discussion will delve into best practices for seamlessly integrating AI and human interaction to elevate customer service to new heights.

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The Power of AI in Modern Business: Understanding the Consumers’ Minds -

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📅 February 22, 2024
⏰ 3.20 – 5.00 PM (GMT +7)
📍 Auditorium Soeria Atmadja FEB UI, Depok

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