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Transparency Unleashed: Global Traceability Solution for Agribusinesses,
Seed to Table


A Climate-Smart Traceability Solutions for Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains

To achieve the 1.5°C temperature limit by 2050, we're dedicated to digitizing agribusinesses and enabling climate-smart agriculture. Our traceability solutions help align operations with climate targets, like SBTI, Net Zero, and Carbon Neutral. With a focus on nature-based solutions, we support sustainable practices across agricultural, aquaculture, and forest product supply chains.

Integrated multi-crop platform ecosystem for MNC and MSME businesses

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Farm management mobile app for​ producers: Provides access to personal​ and supply chain data, eLearning, and interaction with input suppliers and crop buyers. Access to eWallet feature KoltiPay  for savings, loans, PPOB transactions, crop procurement, agri-inputs, and premium payments.

Advanced Features for Verified Supply Chains​


Geo Location & Mapping Features 

The leading management information system platform enabling large businesses to control farm operations, make data-driven decisions, cost optimization, and improve yields with proven system of traceability, from seed to table. 

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Key Features

Farm Management.png

Farmers data profile, training metrics, register and survey suppliers, interaction with farmers and producers including price notifications.

Farm Management

 Deforestation Mapping & GHG Emissions.png

Provide historic Land Use Change (LUC) emissions of productive farms in the supply chains globally for any crop.

Deforestation Mapping & GHG Emissions

Traceability Data Proven.png

Crop production traceability with complete farmers, producers, data profile and verified digital transaction from seed to table. 

Traceability Data Proven

Smart Farming  Solutions with IoT.png

Automate data exchange with smart farming technology solutions with digital scales, portable soil analysis, and solar-powered weather stations.

Smart Farming Solutions with IoT

Geo Location Mapping.png

Advanced geo-location mapping for verified supply chains. Map production units and fields.

Geo Location Mapping

Extension Services,  Beyond Traceability.png

Farmers and producer surveys, polygon mapping of farm boundaries, training and coaching registrations, including access to agriculture knowledge & material.  

Extension Services, Beyond Traceability

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Are you ready to scale up your supply chain traceability to the next level?

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