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Press Release

Koltiva launching KoltiPay, Farmers can save money without going to the Bank

Nov 3rd, 2021

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Jakarta,- To improve digital literacy, financial management, and the quality of life of farmers, Koltiva has successfully launched KoltiPay as a payment option for farmers. The launch was carried out during the visit of the Swiss Council of States, the Embassy of Switzerland to Indonesia, and the World Bank Country Director for Indonesia to Koltiva's head office located in South Jakarta. Business Director of Artajasa, Anthoni Morris was iso attending this launch event.

KoltiPay is a digital wallet issued by Koltiva in collaboration with Artajasa. This digital wallet is integrated into applications for Farmers namely FarmCloud, FarmGate for traders, and FarmRetail for agri-input shop owners specially developed by Koltiva.

Welcoming the launch of KoltiPay, Manfred Borer, CEO of Koltiva said “Our users are small farmers in rural areas in Indonesia and globally in 30 countries. They all need some quick cash. If we can convince them to start using cashless payments, e-wallets with split payment method - they can get a little cash and the rest goes directly to their savings accounts and digital wallets. We help them by providing easy transactions and secure payments through KoltiPay."

The presence of KoltiPay further complements payment options for the agricultural industry with split payment method (cash and transfers to farmers' bank accounts) and cashless payment methods (transfers to farmers' bank accounts or KoltiPay accounts).

Besides facilitating transactions, KoltiPay also helps farmers to benefit from digital transactions. Farmers can manage their finances online anytime and anywhere, without worrying about whether their money is stored safely or not. In addition, traders also do not need to withdraw cash at ATMs or banks that are located far from their location to carry out the crop transactions, because they can pay farmers’ crops through KoltiPay and farmers can also receive the payment through KoltiPay.

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KoltiPay also provides the KoltiPay Unggul feature where KoltiPay users can save and top-up KoltiPay balances up to Rp10,000,000 and a maximum transaction per month of up to Rp20,000,000 through Buy Wallet. Then, the balance can be used to purchase agri-input and PPOB. In addition to Buy Wallet, there are also Sell Wallet to receive payments from the sale of farmers' crops. Our focus is on making the payment process easy and secure.

"KoltiPay is acting on transparency into our end-to-end, seed-to-table traceability, so we track and trace everything into our customized applications. With KoltiPay, we are improving and acting on transparency terms in the documentation of the money flow. We enable fair distribution of profits and create an ethical global value chain.

Hopefully, KoltiPay will become the number 1 application e-wallet in all rural areas in Indonesia. This is the solution of value chains, agriculture value chain, and any natural resources, verified producers, input suppliers, and off-takers, and the integration of the payment system in rural areas.", Manfred explained further.

Business Director of Artajasa, Anthoni Morris also conveyed that the collaboration between Artajasa and Koltiva is to provide electronic money services and facilitate payment processes in agricultural supply chain business processes from Koltiva customers. The integration carried out between Artajasa and Koltiva is the electronic money solution service development by MYNT, which is a product of Artajasa. MYNT is integrated into the Koltiva application environment so that later it is called KoltiPay powered by MYNT. KoltiPay powered by MYNT in the future will become a source of funds in the form of electronic money and integrated into Koltiva's application so that various payment transactions will be more secure, easier, and efficient.


Anthoni Morris added, “This partnership is a joint synergy in preparing a strong product environment to provide a magnificent product, value, and solutions for Koltiva companies and users. Of course, the MYNT e-money server-based solution that we provide is the solution to run an agile and efficient, as well as the integration can be done with an API connection and based on customer needs. So that having Koltipay powered by MYNT supports the digitalization of agriculture nationally,” he said at the launch event of KoltiPay.

About Koltiva

Established in 2013, Koltiva is a technology-enabled service company empowering over 700,000 producers and business users across 27 countries. Koltiva supports some of the largest multinational companies by digitizing and verifying global supply chains, focusing on enhancing traceability, inclusiveness, and sustainability. Koltiva combines quadruple-tech (agritech, fintech, edutech, and climatech) with “boots on the ground” services to improve producers’ outcomes and profitability while building more sustainable supply chains. 

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