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Terima kasih atas kunjungan Anda pada booth Koltiva di SMART SEED IX. Kunjungan Anda sangat berharga bagi kami. Kami menantikan agar dapat terhubung dengan Anda untuk bekerja sama dalam menerapkan ketertelusuran dan mendorong industri kelapa sawit berkelanjutan. 

As global cocoa and chocolate production is projected to rise, cocoa sustainability and ethical sourcing become today’s concern.  

Research indicates significant challenges within the global cocoa supply chain, ranging from climate change impacts to uncertainties faced by smallholders regarding market stability, incentives, financial and labor resources, as well as the volatility of cocoa prices, which directly affect their livelihoods. Coupled with evolving regulations, this underscores the imperative for businesses to meet the growing demand for sustainable cocoa production, emphasizing fair and ethical sourcing practices. 

Elevate Your Cocoa Sustainability from Bean to Bar with Koltiva!

At Koltiva, sustainability is essential in our company's operations, as we strive to provide top-notch cocoa while aiding businesses in the cocoa sector to establish resilient supply chains globally. Our commitment to cocoa sustainability has been a lengthy journey marked by significant milestones. For instance, in 2013, we introduced the pioneering cloud-based CocoaTrace, the first mobile data collection app designed to digitize smallholder cocoa farmers.  

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Advancing Cocoa Sustainability:  
Empowering Rural Smallholders, Preserving Nature, Enhancing Traceability 

Advanced Features for Verified Supply Chains

Geo Location and Mapping  

A leading management information platform enabling large businesses to oversee farm operations, make data-driven decisions, optimize costs, and improve yields with proven system of traceability. 

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Land Use Tracker

Provide global, historic Land Use Change (LUC) emissions of farms in the supply chain, for any crop. We use regionally measured carbon stocks, post-deforestation perennial crops, CO2, N2O, and CH4 emissions, and calculate to ton carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e). 

Supply Chain GHG Assessment

Detailed annual GHG emissions and carbon removals from all steps in a value chain. Cross reference key global data: from good agricultural practices (GAP), climate, agri-inputs, and soil conditions to supply chain loyalty. 

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03. Due Diligence Report can be automatically generated from Koltiva's KoltiTrace Platform

EUDR Due Diligence Statement

Streamlines the automatic generation of due diligence statements for processors and their primary suppliers. By leveraging collected data, we can craft tailored risk assessments, providing substantiating evidence for EUDR Compliance submissions. 

KoltiSkills Extension Services: Support Cocoa Businesses in Achieving the Resilient Supply Chain 


Supply Chain Mapping

Producer surveying to map the origins of your products, verify farm production practices and emissions, and ensure compliance to sustainability standards and regulations. We help our clients to initiate their program that aims to reach out, register and map all smallholders, their plantations, and their suppliers.  

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