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Seamless Farming: Unveiling Smart Weather Forecast for Agricultural Success

Smart Weather Advisory FarmCloud
“With this Smart Weather Advisory, farming activities will be more optimal; apart from producers being able to see daily weather predictions, producers can also use this features as a reference in carrying out farming activities based on recommendations from Koltiva’s Agronomist. Mitigate the possibility of unnecessary gardening activities during extreme weather and optimize farming activities to reduce the risk of crop failure and increase crop yields.” Rani Mutiarawati – Product Manager of FarmCloud

Climate change poses a significant threat to agriculture, impacting global food production by causing a 17% decrease in agricultural productivity by 2050, according to the World Resources Institute (PNAS, 2013). This is attributed to various climate change phenomena such as floods, prolonged dry spells, and storms.

Producers, heavily dependent on weather conditions, face challenges adapting to unpredictable weather. Extreme events like prolonged droughts and heavy rainfall adversely affect crop yields, leading to land drought, stunted plant growth, and crop failure in intense heat. At the same time, excessive rain causes flooding and damages crop quality.

Moreover, unpredictable weather influences the growth of pests and plant diseases, with warmer temperatures accelerating pest life cycles and continuous rainfall contributing to plant diseases (Cambridge University Press, 2013). Planting and harvesting times are also disrupted, necessitating accurate daily weather forecasts to assist producers in managing crop growth amid rapid weather changes.

FarmCloud smart-weather application

Introducing the Smart Weather Forecast feature on FarmCloud, a revolutionary mobile app connecting producers to a comprehensive end-to-end ecosystem and a go-to solution for transparent and responsible interaction with agribusinesses. Crafted to provide unprecedented empowerment to producers. Seamlessly integrating real-time weather data with advanced analytics, we are improving the way agricultural practices are approached.

A weather forecast is a prediction of the atmospheric conditions of a place at a specific time. This practice uses data and information about air temperature, air pressure, humidity, wind direction and speed, and rain patterns to predict weather conditions. In agriculture, these practices are used to ensure their suitability and unsuitability for agricultural practices.

FarmCloud's Product Manager acknowledge smart weather benefits

Our Smart Weather Forecast feature directly delivers accurate and localized insights to producers’ FarmCloud dashboards. With this game-changing technology, producers can make informed decisions, adapt swiftly, and optimize their farming operations based on the weather conditions in their specific region. It also offers tailored agricultural practices recommendations based on the forecast. Leverage our expert system that harnesses the power of weather data to provide personalized guidance, suggesting optimal times for planting, irrigation, fertilization, and more. Maximize the yields, reduce risks, and increase efficiency with our reflexive recommendations.

Our feature seamlessly empowers farming efforts beyond the ordinary, ensuring optimal efficiency and elevated crop yields. This invaluable tool grants real-time access to daily weather predictions and leverages expert recommendations from Koltiva's Agronomist. Wisely navigate extreme weather conditions with prudence to avoid unnecessary farming practices, ensuring the utmost precision and efficiency in your farming practices. Embrace the potential to mitigate risks of crop failure and unlock unforeseen crop yields, solidifying your path toward agricultural success.

  • Weather Predictions Access up-to-the-current and next-day weather forecasts tailored to the current location, providing essential insights for proactive planning and decision-making in farming activities.

  • Farm Activities Recommendations Elevate farming practices with personalized recommendations based on the current weather. This helps prevent unnecessary tasks but also assists producers in making informed decisions that align with the prevailing weather conditions.

  • Daily Weather Forecast Notifications Producers can receive timely notifications offering insights into today's weather conditions and corresponding recommendations for daily farming activities. This feature keeps producers well-informed, enabling them to make agile adjustments to plan as per the latest weather updates. 

  • Extreme Weather Mitigation Recommendations Mitigate the potential risks of crop failure resulting from extreme weather events through the proactive recommendations offered by the smart weather advisory. Enhance resilience to challenging conditions by incorporating these valuable insights into producers' farming strategies, ensuring the longevity and success of agricultural endeavors.


Writer: Rihlah Bilkis, Social Media at Koltiva

Contributor: Rani Mutiarawati, Product Manager at Koltiva

Editor: Boby Hermawan, Head of Digital Marketing at Koltiva

About the Writer:

Rihlah Nahdhiyah Bilkis, a skilled writer with a social media and copywriting background, excelled as a social media specialist at Koltiva, crafting captivating articles on products and producers stories for the company's blog, showcasing her unique ability to blend technical details with human narratives. Her strategic approach to social media has been instrumental in connecting with the audience, making her a promising talent in content creation.

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