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The Global SME Finance Forum 2022

The Global SME Finance Forum 2022 0 -

Digitalization transforms businesses, reduces costs, automates processes, and brings down the reliance on manpower. In the financial industry sector, it helps reduce the high risk traditionally associated with financing small businesses, through technologies such as real-time data collection and machine learning.

In partnership with the National Bank of Cambodia, the SME Finance Forum is hosting the 9th Global SME Finance Forum. This year’s event will focus on the power of digital transformation in promoting inclusive, sustainable, and responsible finance for MSMEs, the backbone of the world’s economies.

Taking place on September 19-21 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, the three-day conference will explore how digitalization can promote and accelerate green finance, enhance supply-chain efficiencies, improve data security, automate processes, while also lead to a greater financial inclusion.

Plenary Panel Agricultural Digitalization

Date : September 20th 2022

Location : Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Time : 11.00 - 12.00 GMT + 7

More info: SME Finance Forum, click here


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