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Food Security Asia Congress 2023

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One important element in achieving food security is paying attention to the value of a food commodity. Through the value of a food commodity, we can determine its nutritional content, which can improve health and reduce malnutrition. Additionally, a food commodity’s value can open access to a broader market if the product's quality and safety can be guaranteed. This is where traceability plays a crucial role in helping to enhance the value of a food commodity. With traceability, we can track the journey of a product, understand its manufacturing process, and identify the ingredients contained in the food commodity.​

Our Project Implementation Officer (CPIO) Koltiva, Ainu Rofiq, will present how the role of traceability can increase the competitiveness of farmers, how Koltiva develops a traceability system, and the biggest challenge that Koltiva faces in implementing traceability in all supply chains in Expert’s Panel “How Opportunities from Government Initiatives, Agri Startup Investments, and Financial Sector Engagements Will Forge Enhanced Partnerships for the Nation,” along with MARS, CROWDE, and PISAgro at Food Security Asia Congress 2023.​

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