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Enhancing Coffee Sustainability from Bean to Cup at World of Coffee

The global coffee industry finds itself navigating a complex landscape. Coffee producers grapple with a cost-price squeeze, battling rising production costs against stagnant bean prices. Unpredictable weather patterns, increased prevalence of pests and diseases, and shifting growing conditions further complicate the picture, posing a significant risk to future harvests. Amid these challenges, embracing sustainable coffee sourcing and practices helps to mitigate environmental change, leading to a healthier ecosystem, and ensuring long-term viability for the producers.

KOLTIVA has been engaging in coffee across 16 countries, dedicated to leveraging sustainable coffee sourcing practices with human-centered technology and empowering the community through training and coaching for coffee Producers and SMEs. In harmony with our dedication, we take pride in showcasing our solutions at the World of Coffee hosted at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark. This festival of innovation and learning offers a unique opportunity for exploration, interaction, and networking with like-minded individuals dedicated to making coffee a thriving, equitable, and sustainable industry.

Visit our booth to engage in innovative and insightful discussion with our experts and discover how our robust technology and solutions can empower coffee players—from traders and roasteries to producers, NGOs, and non-profit agencies—in achieving a sustainable and traceable coffee supply chain from bean to cup while ensuring EUDR compliance.

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Enhancing Coffee Sustainability from Bean to Cup at World of Coffee -

Don't miss out!

📅 June 27– 29, 2024
⌚ 10:00 – 17:00 (GMT +2)
📍 Hall D, Booth DF-020, Bella Center Copenhagen, Denmark

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