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Agri-Inputs and Farm Produce Trading

KoltiTrade offers e-commerce platform coupled with warehousing of agri-inputs, single origin crop, procurement services and carbon trading. A pioneering solutions that digitise the agri-inputs’ buying process from seed to the table.


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E-commerce platform for agri-inputs. Allow distributors and retail shops to connect with hundreds thousands of registered farmers nearby, and sell the agri-input instantly. 

Single Origin

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Disrupting agri-inputs and farm-produce trading with proprietary technology. Vertical integration and service bundling to improve local trade from agri-inputs distribution to crop procurement. 

Carbon Credit

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Climate tech project development  and carbon trading.

Tech-driven emission avoidances, reductions, and removals coupled with our unique people - verified carbon sequestration. 


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The leading e-commerce marketplace for responsible businesses selling their sustainably products that are traceable to

their origins.



KoltiTrade FarmRetail application helps distributors and agri-input shops manage their business, providing agri-inputs and services with complete transparency as a one-stop service to farming communities. 

FarmRetail integrate with KoltiPay features for responsible finance and inclusive business. Rural companies and agri-inputs shops can access e-payments and digital financing, and support smallholder farmers accessing loans.

E-Commerce Platform for Agri-Inputs in Indonesia

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Product Traceability


A privilege to identify, track and trace product's journey.

Financial Management

A feature to secure the financial future for agri-input distributors and shop. Easy-to-use transaction report with details of expense history.

Live Tracking Transaction


Track agri-input sales transaction to farmers transactions real time.

Digital Finance


Access financial services such as loans and savings, receive payments from farmers, pay suppliers. Users can easily use KoltiPay on FarmRetail to pay electricity bills, Token PLN, phone credit, and other PPOB. 

Digital Transaction


Do sales transaction anywhere, anytime, with only a simple tap.

Safe and secure


Trust business with reliable partners that outlines a set of standards for effective data protection. Your data is secure with us, Koltiva is ISO 27001 certified, making customers’ data security a top priority


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The KoltiTrace Shop enable SMEs to sell their consumer products with connected information across our platforms. A unique e-commerce experience with producer profiles and their agriculture products journey from Seed to Table. 

Sustainability concerned consumers can check out every products history including stories and facts of the people planting the raw materials and those processing it into your favorite food, drink, or accessories. 

One Stop E-Commerce for Sustainable Products

Enjoy The Newest Traceable Shopping Experience  

Sustainable and socially conscious product e-commerce promoting the local products across the globe. A platform for exporters companies to promote and sell their products easily, along with the importers to find and purchase directly from KoltiTrade Shop.

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Hiqh Quality & Sustainable Product


Curate products and brands that has positive impact towards social and environment

Community Engagement 


Empowering local sellers to experiencing various event opportunities on how to grow the business and improve the income with KoltiTrade Shop.



Reliable and accountable supply chain to presenting a traceability to the market. 

Ethical Lifestyle

Bringing a positive value for customers to start using the products that supporting an ethical lifestyle with traceable and accountable supply chain. 

Empower Local Business


Create positive impact by support Indonesian local business to be able to sell their products across the globe

Environment Safe Shipping


Providing an environment safe shipping option to support hassle-free traceable shopping experience.