Management Information System from Seed to Table

KoltiTrace is the office suite covering all management and administration needs for responsible businesses. One-stop service platform enable more efficient processes for all tasks in project acquisition, project management and evaluation. 


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Introducing traceable management information system (MIS) from seed to table


KoltiTrace MIS integrates agritech, fintech, and climate tech with “boots on the ground” services to empower the farmers’ families, implementing farm development plans, enables traceability, and advice on climate smart agriculture, and fintech - all in one app. 


An integrated multi-crop platform ecosystem for a businesses to connects global value chains with easy-to-use dashboard, interactive maps, and comprehensive reporting features. 


KoltiTrace MIS integrates agritech, fintech, and climate tech with “boots on the ground” services available for SMEs and Corporate.

(Management Information System)

Find a Perfectly Tailored Solution for Any Industry

Integrated triple-tech solution to make traceability transparent and responsible from seed to table. Find a perfect solution that suits your business, and talk to the expert now!


KoltiTrace LITE


Suitable for SMEs (small-medium enterprises), KoltiTrace LITE facilitated by one multi-tenant domain platform. The powerful business solution to build the traceable management information system (MIS) from seed to table instantly. 


Let’s talk to the expert now!

Suitable for corporate, the large multinational companies that need a customization and tailored solution which has enterprise-grade security and scalability effortlessly. Facilitated by  single-tenant domain access for 


Let’s talk to the expert now!

Build the Best Management Information System (MIS) with Ease 

KoltiTrace MIS simplifies the process of building the management information system (MIS) from seed to table for your business which is connected to Koltiva’s end-to-end ecosystem, an integrated triple tech solution for transparent and responsible interaction between producers and industries.


Trace from seed to table

Your easy-to-Track platform to make traceability transparent. Track every transaction from farm to factory. Including quality specification 


Extension Services
Monitor training and coaching sessions to farmers and producers never been easier. Access easily on the training list. 


Keep track of farm profiling

Track your producers’ activity and what’s happening in the field in just a tap. Monitor the update easily in a single dashboard. 


Digital Finance

Integrates with Koltipay and empower rural companies to access e-payments (make & receive payments), pay bills, until apply for loans easier. 


Highly informative farm mapping

Automated geo-mapping of production plots and farm borders. Monitor easily from an easy-to-use interface on KoltiTrace Web apps.


Safe and secure

Trust business with reliable partners that outlines a set of standards for effective data protection. Your data is secure with us, Koltiva is ISO 27001 certified, making customers’ data security a top priority


Mobile Applications Connected to Koltiva Cloud-Based Ecosystems

Mobile application for farmers to receive instant access of the high quality agri-inputs, easy to receive payments from collectors, interaction with agri-input suppliers and crop buyers, including access to savings and loans instantly. 

Crop specific mobile applications used by field buyers, buying stations, collectors, traders, and cooperatives. Traceability and segregation from farm to factory. 

Crop specific mobile applications used by extension staff for farmer registration, surveys & mapping, training & coaching, adoption and impact measurement


Improve Business Profitability with a fully Customisable CRM


All your data in one place! Maximizing business relationship and streamline operational processes with KoltiTrace CRM, a platform to manage all of your business’s relationship and interactions with customers and potential customers, a perfect combination of customer relationship management, Project Cycle Management, and Monitoring & Results Measurement tool developed to mee the business needs. 


End-to-end solution for the business who needs beyond what conventional CRM solution can offer. The integrated platform assist clients in monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements. 


All-in-one dashboard for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Project Cycle Management (PCM), Monitoring and Results Measurement (MRM) tools development to meet the needs and follow state-of-the-art processes in managing export promotion activities, to serve importing and exporting companies across the globe. 

(Customer Relationship Management)

Get All-In-One CRM features you’ll need

KoltiTrace CRM help your businesses stay connected to customers with contact management, campaign management, event & training, customer interaction, media & library, until membership management. Full use of a software adapted to your relevant business needs, beyond what conventional CRM solutions can offer. integrated KPI platform assist your business in the monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements. 


Contact Management

Add the participant to event & training. Build a contact database and access all contacts On-the-Go with super friendly user interface, reliable & safe.


Dashboard, Report & AnalyticsEaily manage and track your customers’ interactions with comprehensive dashboard analytics. This gives you insight into your customers’ behaviour.


Campaign Management

Stay connected with your customers, create multiple marketing campaigns and stages for different customer segmentation, and track your success.


Membership Database Software

The cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) tools that enable you to build your online membership program. Create an easy member sign-up path, and drive membership growth, engagement and retention.


Event & Training Management

Designed as a system for your business who need a world-class CRM system to manage training. Setup your events, conferences, or training in one place. 


Safe and secure

Trust business with reliable partners that outlines a set of standards for effective data protection. Your data is secure with us, Koltiva is ISO 27001 certified, making customers’ data security a top priority


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) for responsible business


A future-ready ERP system for end-to-end management and administration of small-medium enterprises (SME) and non-govermnment organizations (NGO). Empowers your business through one-stop service to efficiently manage office administration, staffing, travel, and time management, finance, procurement, and project management in one apps. 


An easy-to-use dashboard for SMEs and non-gov organizations to manage all HR and personal development processes instantly. Improve working productivity and efficiency with these hassle-free features along with payroll, time recording, finance and controlling, assets management and procurement processes easier than before. 


Koltitrace ERP features are tailored to business working in or along responsible supply chains, and can be connected to the KoltiTrace MIS platforms

(Enterprise Resource Planning)

Your Future-Ready ERP and Financial Management

An easy-to-use mobile application to manage HR and personnel development process easier, with the ERP feature that is tailored to your business requirements, from payroll, time recording work results, staff leave, finance and controlling, asset management until procurement processes. Connect all departments in a global business environment with a reliable ERP system that supports organizational inclusivity and operational excellence.


Time Management Recording

Have a single, easy-to-manage your staff for time management according to your business needs. A holistic solution to improve staff productivity.


Dedicated Team Vendor Portals Empower your staff with dedicated portals for effective communication with secure system and tools to assist in business purposes. Designed specifically to support teams across rural areas, KoltiTrace ERP works even in areas with low connectivity.


Easy Project Controlling

Optimize the flow of daily processes and get an instant overview of the whole process an project plan.


Digital Finance

Pay your bills and other utilities expenses easily using integrated digital finance feature in KoltiTrace ERP. Connect with KoltiPay, our fintech solution integrated to Koltiva’s end-to-end system.


Information Management

Easy to access updated information, as well as enhance communication throughout your organization. 


Safe and secure

Trust business with reliable partners that outlines a set of standards for effective data protection. Your data is secure with us, Koltiva is ISO 27001 certified, making customers’ data security a top priority.