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Global Traceability Solution, from Seed to Table

KoltiTrace, an Integrated Multi Crop Platform for the Responsible Businesses

Integrated multi-crop platform ecosystem for MNC and MSME businesses to connect with their global upstream and downstream supply chains. Easy-to-use dashboards and full mapping capability, including all farm polygons, producer and processor locations, buying stations, and other actors in the respective landscapes. Protected and other restricted areas are displayed to allow monitoring of zero deforestation or zero natural ecosystem conversion commitments.

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KoltiTrace MIS (Management Information System) 

Introducing the most holistic traceability system helps agri-ecosystem businesses adopt technology from seed to table

Geo Location & Mapping Features 

The leading management information system platform enabling large businesses to control farm operations, make data-driven decisions, cost optimization, and improve yields with proven system of traceability, from seed to table. 

Geo Location & Mapping Feature .jpg

Integrated multi-crop platform ecosystem for MNC and MSME businesses


Farm Management

Farmers data profile, training metrics, register and survey suppliers, interaction with farmers and producers including price notifications.

Deforestation Mapping &   GHG Emissions    .png

Deforestation Mapping & GHG Emissions

Provide historic Land Use Change (LUC) emissions of productive farms in the supply chains globally for any crop.

Traceability Data-Proven  .png

Traceability Data Proven

Crop production traceability with complete farmers, producers, data profile and verified digital transaction from seed to table. 


Connected with IoT   .png

Smart Farming

Solutions with IoT

Automate data exchange with smart farming technology solutions with digital scales, portable soil analysis, and solar-powered weather stations.

Geo Location Mapping   .png

Geo Location Mapping

Advanced geo-location mapping for verified supply chains. Map production units and fields.

Extension Services   .png

Extension Services,

Beyond Traceability

Farmers and producer surveys, polygon mapping of farm boundaries, training and coaching registrations, including access to agriculture knowledge & material.  

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KoltiTrace FarmCloud .png.webp

Farm management mobile app for

producers. Providing access to personal

and supply chain data, eLearning, media, and interaction with input suppliers and crop buyers. Access to eWallet feature KoltiPay for savings, loans, PPOB transactions, crop procurement, agri-inputs purchase, the premium payment. 


KoltiTrace FarmRetail .png.webp

E-commerce mobile app for agri-inputs shops and distributors. Access better markets and reach out to registered producers within defined regions to sell high-quality inputs, manage sales, and ensure seed-to-farm traceability. Integrated with the eWallet feature, it allows cashless payment for all inputs transaction.


KoltiTrace FarmGate .png.webp

A mobile app designed specifically for various parties involved in the purchasing and handling of crops, including field buyers, buying stations, collectors, traders, and cooperatives. This app allows for traceability and segregation of produce from the farm to the factory



Crop-specific mobile app for extension staff to complete field task from registering farmers, conducting surveys and mapping, providing training and coaching, and measuring impact.


KoltiTrace MIS Applications, from Seed to Table 

KoltiTrace IoT, Smart Farming Technology Solution

KoltiTrace IoT, product by Koltiva .jpg

Innovative farming solutions with the Internet of Things (IoT) based smart agriculture, KoltiTrace IoT.

KoltiTrace IoT Logo .png

Assists business users and producers to  successfully implement industry 4.0 enabled technologies to the highest of standards. 

KoltiTrace IoT Digital Scale .jpg


Digital Scale

Capture data from Weighing Scale Devices. Easy data integration with

smartphones and PC

Portable Soil Analysis .jpg


Soil Analysis

The latest handheld sensor provides Soil Conditions and Advice for smallholder producers.

Weather Station & Soil Analysis .jpg

Weather Station &

Soil Analysis

Solar powered Automatic Weather Station for atmospheric temperature, wind directions and speed, and rainfall parameters.

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