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Boots on the Ground, Professional Services Beyond Traceability

KoltiSkills offers agricultural extension services that provide critical support services boosting farm productivity, increasing food security, and improving rural livelihoods. Koltiva Field Agents also supporting local business and producers using KoltiTrace mobile applications and to get the most out of our holistic software ecosystem.

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Key Values of KoltiSkills Services


The strong farm assessment and surveying by collecting data from farmers includes a ‘human-touch’ along with up-to-date information and insight.


It represents a significant investment for your businesses to improve the capacities of producers and suppliers with the aim of increasing productivity, quality and loyalty. 


Our Field Agents verify product segregation and support quality control for traceability data reporting from seed to table, by utilizing koltiva’s end-to-end ecosystem. 

Agronomists and Economists Driving Rural Digitalization

Our Business clients on KoltiTrace MIS applications either employ their own field staff or they can utilize Koltiva Field Agents to use the mobile applications. Agronomy and economy specialists engage with producers and business for seed to table verification and capacity building for thriving agri-business and farm management.

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Agricultural Extension

Our Field agents verify product segregation and support quality control for traceability data reporting from seed to table, by utilizing koltiva’s end-to-end ecosystem. 

Farm Geo Mapping

An advanced geo-mapping features for verified supply chains. Know your customers and suppliers – the basic access to finance, climate smart agriculture practices and other responsible sourcing claims.

Business Support

Capacity building in digital and financial literacy to our business users. Individual user support for agri-input shops and crop aggregators along rural value chains.

Farm & Carbon Verification

Farmers appreciate visits from field agents that support them to verify farm production, carbon offsetting and sequestration, and border mapping.

Training & Coaching

One-on-one coaching helps to accelerate farmer adoption for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), with the result is a tailor-made action plan for the farmer to continue implementing independently. 

Farm Assessments

Koltiva surveys supply chain to verify that commodities are produced in the most optimal way, while also protecting the environment and the wider community. 

Verified Farm and Supply Chain Data is Key to go Beyond Traceability

Productivity growth in smallholder agriculture is an important driver of rural economic development, however smallholders farmers often have limited access to information. Our extension services help to better tailor various components of agricultural advice to smallholder households. 

Improve livelihoods of producers, farm workers, their families, and communities. 


 Protect the environment by preventing deforestation, guarding biodiversity, and mitigating the consequences of climate change.  


Enhance efficiency and productivity, which results in lower costs and higher earnings.


Better reputation for companies that meet growing consumer demand for sustainably sourced products.

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