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Introducing the professional Boots-on-the-Ground Extension Services for Sustainable Sourcing in the Global Supply Chain.

Providing Project Management and On-Site Support for Extension Services, Farm Mapping, Risk Assessments, and GHG Emission Monitoring

Driving Sustainability in Global Supply Chains: Koltiva's Boots-on-the-Ground Approach


Producer surveying to map the origins of your products, verify farm production practices and emissions, and ensure compliance to sustainability standards and regulations.​




Group training to raise awareness of sustainable practices and one-on-one coaching to support producer households in implementing their farm development plans.



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Engagement and capacity building for value chain actors, including local aggregators, cooperatives, financial service providers, nurseries, and other agri-input suppliers.​



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Koltiva becomes the one-stop shop to prepare producer to achieve sustainability certification, such as Rainforest Alliance, RSPO, 4C, and FSC.​



Supply Chain Mapping for Complete Transparency, From Seed to Table​

Supply Chain Mapping - Producers registered by Koltiva Field Agents​ - white.png

Producers and Household-level Profiling​

Basic data collection on producers covering their name, address, contact details. This includes household member and laborer information to assess role dynamics and human-rights risks. ​

Supply Chain Mapping - Farm Assesment - white.png

Farm Assessment ​

Koltiva’s comprehensive farm survey questionnaires assesses producers’ adoption of sustainable farming practices, providing essential information on production potential, farm diversity, land legality, soil health, and environmental risks. An additional survey on GHG emissions and living income can be conducted.​

Supply Chain Mapping - Geo-reference Mapping - white.png

Geo-reference Mapping ​

Geo-location information with GPS points or Polygon.  Koltiva's Field Agent walk along the boundaries of the plot to map the farm. Geo-referencing can be used to support land legality claims and be compared to cut-off dates stated in NDPE policies and regulations. ​

Grow expertise with Koltiva's Field Agent Training & Coaching

Training Coaching - Good Agriculrural Practices (GAP) - white.png

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to support producers to improve their yield, reduce chemical use, apply correct post-harvest processes, conserve water resources, and protect the environment.​

Climate-smart and Regenerative Agriculture practices to help producers adapt to climate change, mitigate GHG emissions from on-farm sources, and rebuild soil organic matter and biodiversity.​

Training Coaching - Code of Conduct - white.png

Code of Conduct (CoC) training on compliance criteria for corporate sustainability standards and certifications, i.e. Rainforest Alliance, FairTrade, RSPO, etc. Can cover human-rights and other key social and community issues as well. ​


Business Support Along the First Mile of Supply Chains​

Business Support - Product Traceability - white.png

Product Traceability Verification​

Koltiva’s Field Agents monitors supply chain actors in the field to verify product segregation and support quality control, from seed to table.​

Business Support - Certification Management - white.png



Supporting certificate holders to manage certification cycles, prepare relevant documentation, external audits and oversee premium distributions.​

Business Support - Agri-input Seller - white.png

Agri-input Seller


Helping local nurseries and agri-input sellers to professionalize their operations. Our coaches work with the owners to promote best practices, and monitor replanting in the farms.​

Business Support - Support Land Legality - white.png

Support Land


In collaboration with local governments, we help producers to obtain required land legality documents.​

Effortless Producer Certification Preparation

Focus on your core business while Koltiva takes care of the complexities of sustainability certification.

Business Support - Support Land Legality - white.png

Strengthen Smallholders’ Land Legality​

Smallholder producers often lack the required land legality. Through polygon data and collaboration with local governments, Koltiva supports smallholder producers to increase their land legality. ​

Advisory-Driven - Client-Centric Approach - white.png

Capacity Building of Management and Members

All members of the certification unit receive group training on the certification standards ​

Supply Chain Mapping - Farm plots mapped with GPS or Polygon​d Agents​ - white.png

Internal Control System to Receive Certification​

Koltiva trains the Certification Units on how to implement an internal control system and maintain their certification in the long term. ​

Business Support - Certification Management - white.png

Establishment of Certification Units

Koltiva works closely with local communities to identify and establish perspective certification units for RSPO/ISPO certification. 

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Level up your sustainable sourcing today!

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