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Eco-Conscious Week by KoltiTrace Shop

In the dynamic landscape of business, there is a shift in consumers’ behaviour where the concept of conscious consumption becomes one of the key considerations when choosing the products they consume or use. 49% of consumers are likely to reduce their purchases from brands that fail to meet sustainability claims, according to Shift Sustainability, a UK-based sustainability market research agency. Additionally, 14% would stop buying from those brands, while 16% would not change their buying decisions.

Join us in sparking conversations, inspiring action, and driving meaningful change during Eco-Conscious Week by KoltiTrace SHOP. This event is packed with activities to promote sustainable living habits, support smallholder producers, and enhance community spirit, creating a more sustainable and equitable world.

Immerse yourself in Eco-Conscious Talks featuring insightful and inspiring topics encompasses Businesses with Deeply-Rooted Sustainability, Impactful Habits for Lasting Positive Change, and Behind Purpose-Driven Brands and Movements.

Culminate the Eco-Conscious Week with us in a vibrant Car-Free Day, reducing emissions, voicing your sustainable lifestyle mission, and embracing a greener and healthier city.

Stay tuned for more exciting activities through Tip the Producers activation, competition, and special promotions on KoltiTrace SHOP.

It is your chance to dive into the world of conscious shopping and sustainable living and discover how your choices can make a positive difference. Follow @koltitraceshop on Instagram for updates on news and products and other inspiring contents that will transform you into a champion of sustainability.

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Eco-Conscious Week by KoltiTrace Shop -

Don't miss out!

📅 June 4, 5, 6 & 9, 2024
📍 Koltiva on YouTube & CFD Jakarta

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