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Welcome to Koltiva's Resource Center

Immerse yourself in a wealth of valuable resources, designed to empower and inspire your supply chain journey. Explore our blog, press releases, and media kit for a comprehensive understanding of Koltiva's innovative solutions and industry expertise.

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Top sustainable farming and supply chain traceability startup Koltiva raises series A financing led by AC Ventures

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Uncover Koltiva's profile: Download our company profile to explore our expertise in sustainable agriculture and supply chain solutions.

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Download our logo and embrace the power of our visual identity, enabling you to showcase your affiliation with our esteemed brand while maintaining consistency and professionalism in your communications.

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The Story Behind Our Logo

Discover the essence and significance embedded within our logo as we take you on a journey of exploration and interpretation, reflecting our values and commitment to our customers.

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Brand Guidelines

By following these guidelines, we aim to uphold a cohesive and consistent brand image across all touchpoints, ensuring exceptional interactions at all times.

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