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Dive into Traceability: Empowering Coastal Communities with Digital Solutions and Innovation

As the global is shifting toward sustainability driven by environmental awareness, highlights traceability's importance in the supply chain, including the fisheries and seafood sectors. However, challenges like supply chain complexity and coastal communities' lack of awareness, coupled with socio-economic and environmental issues are existing. Therefore, promoting sustainability, traceability and producer empowerment are crucial.  
Join our Program Manager, Sarah Harding, at SAFET Conference 2023, where she will discuss our innovative traceability solutions empowering coastal communities.

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Our Past Events

Watch on Demand

Did you happen to miss one of our enthralling live events? Worry not, as our comprehensive on-demand library is here to cater to your needs. Immerse yourself in a realm of enriching content, thoughtfully curated and conveniently accessible. Seamlessly watch on your own schedule, ensuring you never miss a beat. Discover the immense value of on-demand access today!

KoltiTrace: An End-to-End Platform to Meet Upcoming EU Deforestation-free Regulation

GPSNR is evaluating supply shed transparency from farm-to-factory tracing tools to make recommendations to its members. Most natural rubber is grown on small farms and, in some producing countries, reaches processing factories only via multi-tier agent networks. GPSNR is interested in tools able to track such complex supply chains. During this webinar, our Program Manager, Luca Fischer, along with Jonathan Seipl of Meridia, will present tools or approaches they have used with GPSNR members.

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