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EUDR Compliance: Empowering Businesses Worldwide

Sustainable Excellence Unleashed: EUDR-Focused Solutions 
with Geo-Location for Deforestation-Free Supply Chains 
and Legal Compliance Data Features

Enhance traceability throughout your supply chain and benefit from automated due diligence processes to minimize manual efforts, ensuring thorough compliance with EUDR requirements. Additionally, effortlessly generate dynamic compliance reports for a comprehensive overview of your supply chain's alignment with regulations and standards.

EUDR Supply Chain Mapping and Risk Assessment 

EUDR Supply Chain Mapping & Risk Assessment
The KoltiTrace MIS Mobile App empowers processors with supply chain mapping, conducting farm and risk assessments for comprehensive producer compliance. It facilitates recording supply chain linkages among producers, intermediaries, and processors. Need field resources? Koltiva's Boots-on-the-Ground is here to assist.

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Land Use Tracker & Initial Legality Verification

Automatic deforestation checks based on annually updated Sentinel satellite data and integration with the forthcoming EU deforestation baseline map will occur when accessible. Local protected area maps are integrated to verify producers legal compliance. There is also the potential for expansion to offer historical Land Use Change (LUC) emissions information to determine scope 3 emissions within your supply chain.

Transactional Traceability

The KoltiTrace platform also provides robust crop production data visualization and transactional traceability from producers to manufacturer for over 52 crop settings. Digital receipts are available on mobile/web apps and can be printed using KoltiTrace IOT for every farm-to-factory transaction.

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EUDR Due Diligence Report

The KoltiTrace platform streamlines the automatic generation of due diligence statements for processors and their primary suppliers. By leveraging collected data, we can craft tailored risk assessments, providing substantiating evidence for EUDR Compliance submissions

EUDR Compliance Dashboard​

Koltiva's EUDR Compliance Dashboard automates flagging for compliant and non-compliant farmers and plots, as well as intermediaries based on their supply chain. Users can download lists of compliant and non-compliant farmers. The dashboard offers detailed compliance assessments, ranging from high certainty with extensive proof to indicative compliance needing further verification, and non-compliance.

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KoltiSkills Extension Services: 
Our EUDR Service Solutions Paving the Way to Sustainable Futures

As a trusted global EUDR compliance service provider, we have a user base across 61 countries. Positioned as a comprehensive solutions provider, we guide your businesses, offering essential support for EUDR compliance. Beyond EUDR, we provide additional extension services, deploying hundreds of boots-on-the-ground field agents. Our approach includes on-site supply chain mapping, verification, and capacity building for producers facilitated by our team of agronomists.

Supply Chain Mapping and Verification

While mapping producers and farms, Our field Agents work closely with processors and suppliers to chart smallholders within their supply chains. They conduct in-depth farm and risk assessments for each producer, utilizing the KoltiTrace application for a comprehensive understanding of associated risks within the agricultural landscape.

Trusted Global Partner Companion for EUDR
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Explore Additional KoltiTrace Platform Solutions 
for Building Transparent and Resilient Supply Chains

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