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Koltiva AG and its affiliate PT Koltiva (The “Koltiva” or “We”, “Us”, “Our”) has a high commitment to the protection of your data. Your data security (both personal data and other data that you entrust to us) is our main responsibility and priority.

This Privacy Policy (The “Privacy”) governs how We collect and use your data when you are entering or operate (The “Site”) and/or Software that Koltiva Develop (The "Application").

By logging in and accessing Our Site and Application, you have agreed and bound by the things contained in this policy. Therefore, we hope you read this Policy to ensure that you understand how we handle your data.

How We Collect Your Data

Koltiva is an integrated agricultural technology company that provides software solutions and services specifically made for end-to-end business processes. When you use and accessing Our site and Application, you directly or indirectly provide your data to Us that We will protect and use in the methods that is set in this Policy. We can collect your data in the form of:

  • Email address and username to giving you an access to Koltiva Application;

  • Data that you enter when using Koltiva Application, such as:

    • Identity Information, Birth Date, and Telephone Number (“Personal Data”);

    • Photo (The choices that you put into The Application);

    • Estimation and Certified Location (GPS and network-based);

  • Information about your device when accessing Koltiva Site or Application, such as:

    • Serial number, production and telephone model;

    • International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number;

    • Installed OS version;

    • Installed Application version;

    • Information on memory and disk capacity;

  • Impressions, messages, criticisms, and suggestions from You, talks through chat and other interactions in the Koltiva Site or Application; and / or

  • All things that you do and data that you enter to the Koltiva Site or Application.

We can collect data directly from You when You:

  • Accessing and Using Koltiva Site or Application;

  • Send your impressions, messages, criticisms and suggestions;

  • Contact our support team;

  • Entering information in any form into the Koltiva site or Application;

  • Signed the consent letter to give the data to Koltiva;


The data that You enter is Your own data that You think is right, and You are fully responsible for all data that You put into our Site or Application.

We will store Your data as long as You use Our Application and We will delete Your data after You no longer use Our Application or when you ask Us to delete it. As long as You use Our Application, Koltiva can update the Application system that You use any time, and You need to know that the renewal activity of the Application can use Your internet costs.

The Security of your data is important to us, we will take appropriate technical and administrative measures against unauthorized or unlawful processing of any data or its accidental loss, destruction or damage, access, disclosure, or use.

You need to know that we will not collect of the following:

  • All Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) / passwords or other information to access to Your account;

  • Every content from: messages, SMS, or e-mail, photos, videos, social networks, communication in the messaging application (messenger app), and / or other files in Your mobile phone.


Example of Using Your Data

We can use any data that you put into Our Site and Application, including but not limited to:

  • Processing Your Data, such as: Profile Data, Location Data, Transaction Data Total Net Sales and Total Revenue), and other information;

  • Inform the development of the Koltiva Application, sales offer, and maintenance;

  • Informs how to correct any disturbances that you might face;

  • Know the information about your visit to the Our Site and Application, such as the time of visit and what you did during the visit.


We may also collect and use your data that cannot be identified personally, to:

  • Optimizing and developing Koltiva Application, Marketing, and others;

  • See the effectiveness of the Application;

  • Find and resolve problems in the Application;

  • Detect, prevent and address technical issues the Application;


Distribution of Data to Third Parties

We will not sell, rent or distribute Your data without Your permission unless otherwise specified in this Policy. We will only disclose Your data to third parties with Your permission or if needed to accommodate Your usage needs.

By giving permission in any form to disclose Your data, You allow us to disclose and send the data to selected third parties, and You release Us for any loss or damage arising from third party failure to secure Your data. We cannot guarantee the security of Your data on third party systems and We have no control or responsibility for the privacy policies or content of third-party applications. You have the responsibility to check the privacy policies of each third party, so You can understand how they will handle Your data.

We may disclose your data without your consent for the benefit of our auditors, consultants or investors, in addition to complying with court orders or decisions of lawful government bodies or applicable regulations. Then if possible and allowed, we will notify you if we disclose your data.

Data Security

  • Has been ISO 27001 Certified

To protect Your data, We implement an international standard of Information Security Management Systems based on ISO 27001 as a tool to implement security systems for confidentiality, integrity and data availability. Therefore, all of Our employees have been trained to understand and follow ISO 27001 when working with Your data.


  • Data Encryption

In Our Application, all Your data is stored using the encryption method. We encrypt any data that can be known as the customer's property, including Your name & e-mail address.

Like other systems, Your information security is very dependent on You. Choose a strong password (Our system can guide You to do this), and never tell or distribute it to others.


  • Securing your data when in transit and at rest

All communications between Koltiva and You are encrypted using advanced encryption technologies such as  and , and We require this encryption technology is used for all communications. This technique is applied so even if someone tries to 'eavesdrop' on your communication, they will still not be able to decryption to steal Your data.


  • User Management

We establish very strict internal procedures to prevent employees or other Users from gaining access to Your account outside the limited data needed to provide the assistance You need or resolve problems. Koltiva keeps records of all access that has been given, and We audit this record regularly to ensure Your security.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are text files that are placed on your computer for recording purposes. We use cookies to track activity on our Site and store certain information. Cookies cannot be used to run programs or send viruses to your computer.

Other parties can also analyze data for us, such as Google Analytics. They can collect your data that cannot be identified personally about your online activities when you use or access our Site.

You can instruct your browser to refuse sent cookies. However, if you do not accept it, you may not be able to use some of our Services.


Childs Privacy

Koltiva application does not allow to be used by Children under the age of 15.

We do not always know that users of our Application are under 15 years old. If you are a parent and you know that the user of the Application is your child, please contact us as soon as possible. If We know that the data that We have collected is data from children under the age and without verification from Parents, We will take steps to delete the data from Our system.

Your Rights

  • The right of access data

  • The right of rectification data

  • The right to object data

  • The right of restriction data

  • The right to erasure personal data

To exercise your abovementioned rights or any other questions concerning this Privacy Policy, please contact us by e-mail or in writing on the address below.

Changes to this Policy

We can update Our Privacy Policy from time after time. We will notify You of any changes by posting a new Privacy Policy on this page.

We will notify You via email and / or important notifications on Our Site or Application, before the changes become effective and update the "effective dates" at the top of this Policy.

You are advised to review this Policy periodically for each change. Changes to this Policy are effective starting when posted on this page

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