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Transforming Global Supply Chains: How KoltiTrace MIS Empowering Envirium's Producers

KoltiTrace MIS Empowered Envirium's Producers -

Koltiva is proud to partner with Envirium Life Sciences as a leading agritech startup enabling inclusive, climate-smart, and traceable global supply.

“We are happy to adopt KoltiTrace MIS to contribute to more sustainable food supplies. Envirium continues to invest into actions to provide sustainable livelihoods to smallholders, decent employment for its workers, and quality products for its customers while contributing to biodiversity conservation” said Christian Van Osselaer, co-CEO of Envirium.
“Our customers are keen to get a transparent picture of their supply chain. To increase the level of traceability and to harmonize our practices within the Group, we decided to partner with Koltiva. The platform hosts several tools that will facilitate the continuous improvement of our operations and processes across the board. This is crucial for our different products, including for the vanilla as we are the only industrial player that operates in the three major production areas: Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, and East Africa (DRC).”

Koltiva Extention Service for Farmers Capacity Building -

Since 2018, Kamapim Ltd., a Papua New Guinea-based Envirium subsidiary, has developed digital applications for the full traceability of its vanilla production. 40 people will be trained to implement agricultural extension using the Koltiva platform, mapping thousands of smallholder farms.

“Koltiva offers a single cloud-based technology system to record our extension and training services, as well as keep track of all purchases and sales and deliver microloans to farmers. The platform will enable us to measure quality improvements over time, how much better off the farmers become, and provide detailed reports to our customers” said Nancy R. Irwin Irwin, managing director of Envirium.

Dimitri Moreels, co-CEO of Envirium sees this new platform in the Congo (DRC) as a tool to collate the productivity of many crops and tailor solutions to specific areas.

“COPAK, in its ongoing effort to improve clients’ satisfaction, is eager to use the platform to monitor its vanilla, cocoa, chia, and coffee crops. The 10,000 families that we partner with are distributed across a large territory in North Kivu. The platform will also enable us to better support these smallholders and make sure the right information is collated for the different certification programs” said Dimitri Moreels, Co-CEO of Envirium.

Farmers Capacity Building for Good Agriculture -

CEO Koltiva, Manfred Borer adds, "Our partnership places significant importance on traceability, as we understand that consumers are becoming more curious about the origin of their food. There are regulatory demands for companies to achieve traceability in their operations. Through this partnership, we aim to bring transparency to the intricate global supply chain and establish a system that meticulously tracks products from the point of origin to consumption. Our traceability platform, KoltiTrace ensures that every process stage meets the highest product quality standards, improves supply chain efficiencies, and drives sustainable growth’’.


Apr 26, 2023

Interesting to see how koltiva support envirium with the traceability system!!! Well done! 😀

May 31, 2023
Replying to

We appreciate your interest in how Koltiva supports Envirium with the traceability system. Your positive feedback means a lot to us! Thank you for recognizing our efforts. Well done! 😀

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