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Hassle-Free Digital Transactions for Farmers
and Agribusinesses

Responsible digital finance features integrated in KoltiTrace MIS platform solutions. KoltiPay not only offers loans, savings, micro-insurance, but also the ease of paying for everyday services like bills and prepaid top-ups.

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"Split payments are a very helpful feature. Bank transfers can be received during the harvest season. But, when cocoa production is low like nowadays, I prefer cash payments to fulfill my daily needs."




Enabling Digital Finance in Rural Value Chains

Premium Distribution

Effortlessly distribute premium payments to farmers and suppliers at an affordable cost! Our all-in-one dashboard comes with powerful monitoring features, backed by our responsive field teams.

Agri-Input Purchasing

Streamline your business operations with KoltiPay's features. Enjoy a smooth agri-input purchasing process from farmers to kiosks, distributors, and collectors with secure and convenient payment options.

Loan Application Management

Simplify loan application and management processes for farmers with KoltiPay Loan, including features for checking loan portfolios, verifying and approving loans, and making repayments.

Crop Procurement

Procure farmers' crops with ease and enjoy convenient payment options through our app, including bank transfer via BRIVA, ATM Bersama, or KoltiPay.

Payment Point Online Bank (PPOB) Transactions

Effortlessly manage bills and payments for utilities like electricity, water, and internet with KoltiPay's PPOB service, providing streamlined transactions and convenience whether at home or on-the-go.

Cashless Movements

Traders do not need to withdraw cash at ATMs or banks that are far from their location to carry out crop transactions. They simply pay farmers through KoltiPay.

Enhancing Financial Inclusion for Producers and Communities in Rural Areas

  • Make/Receive ePayments

  • Apply for a Micro-Loan

  • Pay Bills and Top Up

  • Traceable Payment Data

  • Split Payments

  • Go Cashless

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KoltiPay is available across KoltiTrace Mobile Applications

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Maximize Your Supply Chain Potential: 
Act Today to Unlock Enhanced Traceability and Seamless Digital Finance

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