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GPSNR Traceability Pilot Field Trials Webinar

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Embark on an insightful exploration of our Traceability Case Study featured in the GPSNR Traceability Pilot Field Trials Webinar hosted by the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR) and presented by Luca Fischer, our Head of Sector.

As the chosen implementation partner for the GPSNR Traceability Study project in Central & East Kalimantan, Koltiva successfully mapped producers and farms, empowering farmers to prepare for the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) and making rubber farm-level traceability achievable and scalable. With a decade-long agri-tech legacy and extensive rubber sector experience, we offer invaluable insights into our role in advancing global traceability. In this webinar, Ollie from Agridence also joins, providing crucial insights from their perspective.

Luca further shares crucial insights for rubber factories or manufacturers gearing up for the EU market, uncovering our traceability solutions that address challenges posed by the EUDR and emphasizing compliance with EU regulations in the evolving traceability landscape. Join us in discovering key insights for readying rubber factories and manufacturers for the EU market, focusing on compliance with evolving traceability standards in the agri-tech industry!

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