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Building a Better Tomorrow,
One Traceable Movement at a Time

For over a century, enterprises have faced critical challenges to achieve traceable and resilient global supply chains 

There is growing pressure to pay more attention to the environmental and resource consequences of the ever-increasing production, vulnerable climate change, and consumer demand for agri-based products.


Traceability has gained significant importance in recent times as the global supply chain has become more complex, with businesses working to meet the increasing demand for food to feed the growing population while ensuring its sustainably produced.


Today, companies are expected to have effective practices requiring identification and adoption to track and trace a product throughout the supply chains. 




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As consumers become more concerned about the impact of their purchases on the environment, companies are facing increased demand to adopt sustainable practices. This trend toward eco-friendliness is leading to a greater emphasis on sustainability in the business world.

Regulations are being put in place that requires companies to consider the environmental and social impacts of their supply chain process and comply with sustainable practices.



The key concern in the sustainable development agenda includes the agenda on how to involve producers, improve farm productivity and help them comply with stringent food safety and quality regulations, also improves the producers' income with better access to high-quality inputs, access to sustainable market, access to better Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) knowledge, and access to the financial services. 

At Koltiva, we are emphasizing our commitment to going above and beyond what is typically required in terms of tracking and recording the history of the agri-based products, such as demonstrating the quality and safety of the product, improving supply chain efficiency, meeting regulatory requirements, also build trust and communicate impact to the end consumers.

We help enterprises achieve traceable and resilient supply chains while enabling hundreds of thousands of producers to increase their annual income up to 4x higher.

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Koltiva Growth & Impact Infographics 2022

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