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Koltiva, Top 3 Global Startups in the ClimaTech Run 2022

Koltiva, Top 3 Global Startups in the ClimaTech Run 2022 -

Agriculture both contributes to climate change and is affected by climate change. This sector is highly dependent on the climate, with increases in temperature and carbon dioxide (CO2), changes in extreme weather, and reductions in water availability that may harm crops and reduce yields. On the other side, agriculture also contributes to climate change, and farming activities release significant amounts of methane and nitrous oxide, two powerful greenhouse gases.

Climate change is an essential global threat often reduced to a checklist or ticked through an eco-friendly tagline. In tackling climate change, we must collaborate to build a global ecosystem that sparks inspiration and innovation in climate action.

From the total 2012 registrations, 422 Startups Submissions, 98 countries, and 15 finalists, we are honored to be one of the ClimaTech Run Competition winners, represented by our Chief Climate Officer, Florian Reimer.

Florian represented us to showcase our business innovation that aligns with the transition to a green economy and the move from pledges to implementation. This is our significant milestone in combating climate change, reducing harmful emissions, expanding clean energy practices for the green transition, and using technology, data, and analysis for innovative solutions.

Organized by Egypt’s Ministry of International Cooperation, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and Ministry of Environment, the ClimaTech competition connects science and creativity around technology.

ClimaTech Run 2022

At Koltiva, we believe that Environment, Socio-Economic and Ethical performance are critical factors for businesses in this climate-changed world. With our human-centered technology and boots-on-the-ground, we are strengthening our position as the leading agritech startup enabling climate-resilient global supply chains to be traceable and sustainable.

Koltiva's Chief Climate Officer at ClimaTech Run 2022

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