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Nurturing Our Planet

At Koltiva, sustainability is our commitment to nurture the world we share. It's not just about responsible operations; it's about creating a positive impact on the communities we touch and leaving a greener footprint on the planet.

Pioneering Sustainable Practices in Producer & Agribusiness Digitization

"We believe that businesses have a responsibility to prioritize sustainability and take action toward creating a more responsible future. To this end, Koltiva is committed to being part of the solution by promoting sustainable practices and traceable sourcing in our mission to digitize agribusinesses and producers."

Manfred Borer - CEO of Koltiva

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Our Vision

To be the world’s leading tech company in building ethical, transparent, and sustainable supply chains.

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Our Sustainability & ESG Approach 

Our ESG strategy revolves around People, Planet, and Prosperity. We address key global supply chain challenges by elevating producer livelihoods, bolstering environmental conservation, and promoting trade transparency. Our commitment to sustainability means conducting business with a long-term perspective while upholding our ESG strategy.

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How We Contribute to the SDGs

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At Koltiva, we recognize our role in driving progress toward the SDGs by 2030. Through innovative solutions that integrate sustainability throughout our business operations, we are dedicated to making a significant impact on these global objectives.

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Our Commitment

In today's business landscape, addressing ESG risks is non-negotiable. Building a better world requires transforming our approach to business, policy, and society.

Our commitment to ESG translates into continuous evaluation of our environmental impact, including energy use, waste generation, and emissions. We actively conduct environmental training for our employees and engage with stakeholders to collaboratively promote solutions for complex environmental challenges. This focus on ESG principles ensures we operate responsibly and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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Environment -

We are consistently addressing environmental considerations across our platforms and services. Our focus includes evaluating our impact on climate change, particularly in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity. We strive to establish and report on baseline targets, set clear goals, and hold ourselves accountable as we work towards these environmental objectives.


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Governance -

We actively cultivate a sustainable and engaged workplace. We strive to be transparent in our social practices, including diversity and inclusion efforts, employee well-being initiatives, and robust Health & Safety protocols. Additionally, we prioritize cybersecurity and data privacy, recognizing their vital role in our daily operations and risk management strategy.


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Social -

Koltiva is committed to a robust governance system including policies and practices that are designed to set clear expectations and hold the company accountable to high standards and oversight, integrity and ethics while delivering growth and value creation through innovation and technology and expanding our market presence.


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We're eager to hear your feedback!

Do you have any questions or inputs about our sustainability efforts? We'd love to hear your valuable inputs! Click the button below to send us your questions, comments, or suggestions directly to our Sustainability team.

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