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Cultivating Change: Koltiva's Journey to Sustainable Global Supply Chains - AC Ventures Podcast

Indonesia Digital Deconstructed by AC Ventures -

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At Koltiva, we are filled with honor and enthusiasm as we present the extraordinary revelations and innovative conversations that transpired during a recent podcast hosted by Leighton Cosseboom, AC Ventures. As attention shifts toward the reduction of carbon emissions and Indonesia's capacity for ecologically sustainable expansion following the implementation of the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR). We take great satisfaction in our CEO's engagement as a speaker, showcasing our pioneering agritech solutions that are revolutionizing the industry. In this podcast episode, our Co-founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Manfred Borer, had the privilege of engaging in a thought-provoking dialogue centering around our mission to drive sustainability in the Agriculture sector. The conversation delved into our transformative approach's essence and how it reshapes traceable and sustainable global supply chains.

A Decade of Innovation and Impact: Koltiva's Evolutionary Journey

Our journey kick-started in 2013 when Koltiva made its mark in Indonesia. Reflecting on those early days, our CEO, Manfred Borer, recalls his arrival in Indonesia in 2006. He aimed to collaborate with a Swiss-based organization and dive deep into global supply chains. Alongside this, he focused on enhancing the lives of cocoa producers, culminating in the creation of the first digitalized Cocoa producers database in 2008. A breakthrough came knocking in 2008 with the roll-out of the first-ever digitalized Cocoa producers database. As our endeavors gathered steam, it quickly outpaced the capacity of a one-person show, prompting the official birth of Koltiva in 2013.

Koltiva was founded in 2013 and emerged through a dynamic collaboration with a former Swiss colleague. This partnership laid the foundation for the delivery of Koltiva and paved the way for developing an advanced mobile application, which hit the hands of field agents in 2014. Our growth story has been nothing short of extraordinary over the years. We recently threw a big bash to mark our 10-year milestone, transitioning from a tiny crew of two or three to a robust squad of around 50 by 2017. Fast forward to today, under the forward-thinking leadership of Manfred Borer, our unwavering commitment to sustainability has propelled us to have over 700 dedicated team members making a difference every single day.

We operate as a triple-tech company, beginning our journey in 2013 as a pioneer in AgriTech and later integrating FinTech functionalities in 2021, followed by a ClimaTech breakthrough in 2022.

Koltiva's Comprehensive Seed-to-Table Traceability Solutions

We are ushering in a new era of supply chain transparency, introducing an innovative paradigm that empowers multinational players and enterprises to unravel the intricate origins of their core components. These vital elements, often sourced from Indonesian smallholder farmers, form the backbone of contemporary industries. The scope of our mission is substantial, outpacing existing capabilities.

Koltiva's traceability system from seed to table

Amidst our ongoing team expansion efforts, we offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution - a seamless "seed to table" traceability experience. This holistic framework guides clients from initial seed stages through growth, agri-inputs integration, manufacturing, and distribution via local traders. Our impact does not stop there - meticulous on-farm management, facilitated by self-directed field agents, further enhances our offering. This dynamic interplay culminates in downstream traceability, charting the journey from farms to the final consumer frontier.

Distinctively positioned, we seize upon a distinct market opportunity. Against the backdrop of evolving regulations, particularly the European no deforestation regulation, our services emerge as indispensable for multinationals navigating compliance complexities. Our involvement transcends digital solutions, embracing a robust on-ground presence. This facet ensures meticulous alignment with regulations, encompassing GPS-enabled tagging for smaller plots and meticulous polygon mapping for more expansive areas.

In essence, our fusion of advanced technology and hands-on support empowers industries to navigate intricate compliance terrains, fostering sustainable practices and driving transparent global expansion.

Empowering Producers through Human-Centered Technology

Our dedication to human-centered technology is woven into the very fabric of our mission. Through a dynamic blend of innovation and engagement, we bridge the divide between producers and global industry leaders, ushering in a future marked by sustainability and empowerment. Our boots on the ground or field agents serve as catalysts, intricately navigating the intricate landscape of diverse industries and crafting solutions that resonate with each unique motivation. In domains like cocoa, where excellence is rewarded, our field agents orchestrate a symphony of support, verifying standards and offering training and tangible monetary rewards that instill pride in responsible practices.

KoltiSkills as our human-centered technology

As we extend this human-centered ethos, industries like Palm find new pathways to compliance and sustainability. Our commitment remains unwavering - when the challenge lies in emission reduction, we stand as partners in progress, advocating for fair compensation for farmers who champion eco-friendly transformations. This journey is a testament to our belief that change is not instant; it is a gradual crescendo echoing through time.

Introducing KoltiPay: A Fusion of Agritech and Fintech

KoltiPay as rural e-wallet to provide financial access for rural communities

KoltiPay - an embodiment of our endeavor to synergize Agritech and Fintech. This innovative solution transforms into a microfinance tool, fostering economic empowerment and financial inclusion across emerging markets. Our platform not only empowers farmers but also propels growth for businesses operating within the smallholder farming realm. KoltiPay allows farmers to engage in cashless transactions, settle utility bills, access insurance, procure inputs, and even apply for loans. Each transaction propels them towards profitability and sustainability.

Transparency and Growth: Koltiva's Market Traction and Financial Strategy

Indeed, transparency is at the core of our approach, allowing stakeholders to monitor the activities within the supply chain meticulously. By leveraging our platform, companies can aptly report responsible sourcing to shareholders and stakeholders, highlighting their commitment to ethical practices. Now, regarding 's traction in the market, it is a fascinating journey. We have grown significantly over recent months, strategically expanding our team to meet the escalating demands spurred by the market. Our goal is not just growth but profitable growth - a vision that drives our every move.

The journey of Koltiva is a remarkable testament to the power of innovation, dedication, and collaboration in fostering sustainable change on a global scale. Our commitment to green growth and sustainability principles is evident in every facet of our work. From our inception in 2013 to our evolution into a triple-tech company encompassing AgriTech, FinTech, and ClimateTech, we have consistently pushed boundaries to transform industries and empower communities.

Our comprehensive solutions, from seed-to-table traceability to emission reduction strategies, exemplify our determination to drive positive environmental and social impact. By bridging the gap between technology and the needs of farmers, we have facilitated responsible sourcing, financial inclusion, and sustainable practices that resonate with industry leaders and smallholder farmers alike.

Our journey is far from over. As we look ahead, we remain steadfast in our commitment to transparency, growth, and meaningful change. With over a million registered smallholder farmers and thousands of enterprises relying on our solutions daily, we continue to strive toward a greener future while upholding our core values.

In essence, Our journey transcends mere technology - it is about driving sustainable change, fostering financial inclusivity, and leaving an indelible mark on the global landscape. As we stride forward, our commitment remains unwavering, dedicated to propelling growth, enhancing transparency, and uplifting communities worldwide.

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Ep.30 - Behind the barcode: Koltiva's quest for a sustainable global supply chain - Indonesia Digital Deconstructed by AC Ventures | Podcast on Spotify


Writer: Rihlah Nahdhiyah Bilkis, Social Media Specialist at Koliva

Editor: Boby Hermawan, Head of Digital Marketing at Koltiva

About the Writer: Rihlah Nahdhiyah Bilkis, a skilled writer with a social media and copywriting background, excelled as social media specialist at Koltiva, crafting captivating articles on products and farmer stories for the company's blog, showcasing her unique ability to blend technical details with human narratives. Her strategic approach to social media has been instrumental in connecting with the audience, making her a promising talent in content creation.

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