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LIVE Interview with IDX Channel

Our LIVE interview with PRISA SOMBO DATU and Wicky Adrian from IDX Channel for Power Breakfast Morning LIVE at 9 am. Our CEO Manfred Borer will discuss how Koltiva supports enterprises to make their global supply chains traceable, inclusive and climate-smart. From Seed To Table. And how Koltiva improves producers' outcomes and profitability while building more sustainable supply chains.

Sustainability and ethically-produced goods have become critical decision-making factors for consumers the world over,” said Manfred Borer, Chief Executive Officer of Koltiva.

"Agribusinesses and multinational companies that want to produce goods to meet that demand need to understand where ingredients come from, and the transparency and trustworthiness of the data. That is exactly what we do. This new round of funding will help us accelerate our five-year goal of supporting five million farmers while ensuring goods are responsibly produced and free of deforestation, conversion, exploitation, human rights abuses, and child labor.”

Koltiva began its operations in Indonesia in cocoa production but has since expanded to 30 commodities including coffee, palm oil, and rubber, and specialty crops. The Company has recently moved into climate solutions and the ‘blue economy’ including seaweed and shrimp farming. Koltiva now operates in 27 countries with a $20bn and growing addressable market opportunity

Watch here:

MNC Vision Channel 100


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