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Fostering a Bond Beyond Business: A Heartwarming Story of Our Regional Project Manager in Musi Rawa

Managing a plantation project goes beyond mere technical skills. It requires a comprehensive understanding of various aspects, including environmental factors, community engagement, and sustainable practices. In the world of project management in the agriculture sector, success is often measured by tangible outcomes and milestones achieved. However, a project manager's story and relationship with the producers we worked with go beyond conventional metrics. This heartwarming story highlights the significance of action in fostering a strong bond between Koltiva and the producers we serve.

Adrio on the way to the place of farming project

Adrio Juliardi, Regional Project Manager at Koltiva, believes every project's success is deeply determined by the well-being and prosperity of the producers we serve with. He successfully manages the field project in Musi Rawas, South Sumatra. Support agribusinesses and assist producers with education and training, technical assistance, improve traceability data, and manage smallholder certification.

As a project manager, Adrio embarked on a transformative journey when he joined Koltiva a few years after he graduated from the School of Natural Science, Far Eastern Federal University, with a Master of Science in Ecology and Natural Resources Management. With this realization, he sought to establish a unique relationship that transcended the typical business-client dynamic. He believes that a successful plantation project lead must deeply understand social and community engagement on how to help farmers improve their field productivity and result in smallholders' income.

"As a project leader, our approach to solving challenges in the field is centered around proactive problem-solving and collaboration. We believe in analyzing the root causes of issues in the field, developing innovative solutions, and working closely with the team to implement effective strategies. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and open communication, we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way," said Adrio.

Despite the significant distance between the village and the field location, Adrio consistently demonstrates an unwavering commitment to supporting and assisting the producers through extensive one-on-one or group coaching sessions. With more than 30 minutes of riding, he took it as a dynamic challenge to carry out the duties. Adrio ensures that our team of expert training and coaching specialists delivers customized coaching sessions that cater to the specific needs of the producers. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, including sustainable practices such as optimized planting techniques, efficient fertilization methods, crop maintenance strategies to enhance yields while minimizing losses, and effective pest and disease management strategies.

Field Agent team in Musi Rawas project

This relationship between Koltiva and the producers transcended business transactions, leaving a lasting impact on both parties. The producers felt empowered, supported, and valued, while Koltiva witnessed the transformative effects of their collaborative efforts. It became a catalyst for positive changes, not only in agricultural practices but also in the lives of the producers and communities.

"When it comes to communicating with producers, we treat them as valued partners. We prioritize active listening, understanding their needs, and addressing their concerns promptly. By establishing regular meetings, one-on-one or group coaching, and training, we create a supportive environment where producers feel comfortable sharing their feedback. Effective communication builds a foundation of trust and collaboration with the producers," he added.

Adrio with the farmers check and input the conditions using smartphone

Being a project lead in the rubber and palm industry also involves navigating challenges related to digital and technological advancements. It aims to improve the long-term health and productivity of the land while minimizing negative impacts on the environment, society, and economy.

We provide producers with information on GAP and the benefits they can provide, such as improved yields, reduced pesticide use, and better environmental stewardship. We also assist producers with hands-on assistance in helping them implement GAP on their farms, such as guidance on crop management, irrigation, and soil health. Last, we also support and prepare all the documentation required for certification, including communication with the auditor.

By prioritizing our unwavering commitment, we foster a sense of belonging and support that goes beyond business objectives. This heartwarming story serves as a reminder that success in project management relies on achieving milestones and nurturing the human connections that drive meaningful change for smallholders' livelihoods.

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