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A Case Study of the Palm Oil Sector, Challenges for Smallholders to Meet EU Regulation

Agricultural supply chains are highly complex, and the growing demand for end-to-end traceability of agricultural products needs transparency, data integration, collection, monitoring, and analysis of all processes in the supply chains. It requires businesses to ensure their products are nutritious safe, environmentally sustainable, ethically produced and comply with regulations.

Join us in the Dialogue Event: "Traceability in agricultural supply chain," held by Think Tank Food. Our Program Manager, Luca Fischer, will share about the palm oil sector, challenges, and opportunities for smallholders to meet EU regulations. With a focus on smallholder producers, this event intends to learn from organizations that have adopted traceability in various supply chains and better understand the benefits and challenges of agriculture traceability.

Think Tank Food is a joint project of Steinbeis-Hochschule Träger gGmbH, the Business Scouts for Development Programme of GIZ and ZVEI, designed to transfer know-how and discuss feasible applications of digital technologies into the agricultural and food sector. Save the date and get your seat!

📅 Wed, 15th February 2023

⏰ 09:00 AM –12:00 PM GMT


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