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Building Nature-Based Project Portfolios: Tech to Streamline & De-risk Quality Project Development

As we approach COP27, the urgency to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 has become stronger. Experts have highlighted the significance of Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) to achieve climate resilience and meet sustainability goals. However, developing credible and high-quality NbS projects poses several challenges. 

Discover more about the nature-based solution (NbS) as it can be one avenue to meet these climate and sustainability goals towards climate resilience in Net Zero with Nature Based Solution conference powered by CMT. Chief Climate Officer of Koltiva, Florian Reimer, will discuss the opportunities and challenges of the carbon market for net zero and how Koltiva manages the entire value chain of Nature-based Carbon Credits in the session Building Nature-Based Project Portfolio: Tech to Streamline & De-risk Quality Project Development. 

Save the date and secure your spot now!

Koltiva's session will be started on:

📅 Tue, April 4th, 2023 ​

⏰ 4.45 PM (GMT+8) ​

📍Singapore, Hybrid

Register now by visiting the link above!


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