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Koltiva Advancing Smallholder Farmer's Livelihood with Traceability and Sustainable Agriculture

Advancing Smallholder Farmers Livelihoods with Traceability and Sustainable Agriculture  -

For over a century, enterprises have faced critical challenges to achieve traceable and resilient global supply chains. There is a growing pressure to pay more attention to the environmental and resource consequences of the ever-increasing production, vulnerable climate change, and consumer demand for agri-based products.

On the other side, smallholder producers and micro-enterprises in agriculture are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, which can affect their crops, livestock, and livelihoods. As a result, efforts are needed to help these groups adapt to changing weather patterns and build resilience to climate-related risks.

Addressing these challenges requires a collaborative effort from many stakeholders that affects multiple areas of society, including the environment, economy, and social well-being, to promote sustainable practices and protect natural resources

Traceability has gained significant importance in recent times as the global supply chain has become more complex, with businesses working to meet the increasing demand for food to feed the growing population while ensuring its sustainably produced. Today, companies are expected to have effective practices requiring identification and adoption to track and trace a product throughout the supply chains and comply with the regulation.

Businesses are responsible for operating in a way that minimizes their environmental impact and supports social and economic development. Consumers can play a role in reducing waste, using environmentally friendly products, and making more sustainable choices. And this is what Koltiva stands for. To support 6,300+ enterprises to achieve traceable and resilient supply chains while helping 750,000+ producers increase their annual income with our human-centered technology in traceability platform, KoltiTrace, and boots-on-the-ground solutions, KoltiSkills.

Koltiva is an AgriTech company that enables inclusive, climate-smart, and traceable global supply chains -

Koltiva is an AgriTech company that enables inclusive, climate-smart, and traceable global supply chains. Koltiva was established in 2013, with the vision to be the world's leading tech company in building ethical, transparent, and sustainable supply chains. Koltiva's mission is to strive to grow a high-performance organization, digitizing agribusinesses and producers to the transition of sustainable production and traceable sourcing.

We track and trace the supply chain From Seed to Table with our traceability system, KoltiTrace, an integrated multi-crop platform ecosystem for producers and businesses to connect the supply chains and allow them to fully map all farm polygons, producer and processor locations, buying stations, and other actors in the respective landscapes. Let’s talk to our expert and get more information about our traceability platform. Contact Us!


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