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Commitment and Legislation for Transformation: Joining Forces for Sustainable Palm Oil

The upcoming EU Deforesation-Free regulation is more than just a mandate. It’s a call for systemic change and deep collaboration across the palm oil industry. As we strive for a sustainable future, companies importing palm oil-derived products into the EU will be required to prove their products are deforestation-free. ​

While these new regulations are a game-changer for sustainable trade, there are also concerns about the risk of excluding smallholder farmers due to strict traceability requirements. Then, how we implement traceability to the farmer level effectively and ensure smallholder inclusion? ​

At this year’s Sustainable Palm Oil Dialogue, organized by FONAP, IDH, RSPO, and INA, the industry will explore these questions under the theme of 'Commitment and Legislation for Transformation: Joining Forces for Sustainable Palm Oil'​

Our Head of Programs, Meg Phillips, will be sharing her insights on the complexities and practicalities of achieving traceability to the plantation for the palm oil sector and its smallholders.​

Digital Solutions for Traceability: Helping SME Exporters Thrive​ -

This conference will be held on

📅 Wednesday, June 14th, 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany. And Meg will be part of a panel discussion focused on “Organizing Traceability: Data Sharing, Standards, and Interoperability” at ⏰ 12.05 PM – 1 PM (UTC+2).​

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