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Digitizing Agriculture from Upstream to Downstream a la Startup

Digitizing Agriculture from Upstream to Downstream a la Startup -

Koltiva began its operations in Indonesia in cocoa production but has since expanded to 30 commodities including coffee, palm oil, and rubber, and specialty crops. The Company has recently moved into climate solutions and the ‘blue economy’ including seaweed and shrimp farming

Koltiva supports more than 700,000 smallholder farmers globally, helping them increase average yields by 70% and average prices by 48%. We believe that the commercial launch of the new modules will significantly improve the company’s ability to increase farmers’ income while accelerating and diversifying Koltiva’s revenue growth.

Koltiva generates traceability data through a marriage of technology with in-person engagement through its extensive agronomist network. Koltiva’s agronomists provide capacity building and technical assistance to smallholder farmers. By working closely with the producers, Koltiva is able to help businesses buy produce they can be sure has been grown responsibly and ethically.

Date : September 29th 2022

Location : IDX Channel

Time : 09.10 WIB

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