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Flourishing Change: Harjono's Journey in Igniting Agricultural Innovation

Meet Harjono, a visionary Project Lead at Koltiva whose professional journey ignited in 2017. His odyssey began as a field facilitator with one of the Switzerland's independent non-profit development organisation in 2015, overseeing producers in North Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi. Joining as a field agent at Koltiva in 2017, he helps businesses to empower the livelihoods of cocoa producers and support certification preparation. Despite varied locations, his resolute communication ensured the success of these initiatives. 

His career journey has been a constant source of inspiration. Embracing internal inspections, Harjono's path led him from Majene to Mamuju and onwards to Central Sulawesi. His steadfast commitment was rewarded with a promotion to Cluster Leader in North Kolaka in 2018. Stepping into the role, he continued to guide field agents, and his triumphs in two stakeholder projects further illuminated his career trajectory. As of 2020, Harjono's journey reached its zenith, propelling him into the role of Project Lead. 

Harjono in coaching the producers for Good Agricultural Practices

Navigating Challenges as Project Lead 

Harjono in surveying the producres' land farm

His commitment is evident in the execution of a project in North Kolaka, East Luwu,a project aimed at empowering cocoa producers to enhance their income through diversified cocoa agro-forestry, has brought new opportunities to producers in North Kolaka, East Luwu, and North Luwu districts. This project promotes diversification and supports microfinance initiatives to improve access to funding. 

As a Project Lead, Harjono encountered his fair share of challenges. Data consistency from team members posed recurring problems. Yet, his swift response and accountability allowed him to address these issues by directly engaging with the team and producers. Despite geographical differences posing communication challenges between Harjono and his teammates, he embraced face-to-face interactions to ensure accurate data collection. He fostered open dialogues within the team to resolve internal matters efficiently. 

Harjono's commitment extended beyond his team to the producers he served. Facing challenges in agriculture, he diligently employed Koltiva's solutions. He would immerse himself in the producers' communities, temporarily residing in their locales, to understand their concerns firsthand. Using a proactive approach and fostering effective communication, Harjono encouraged producers to share their challenges during his field inspections, enabling him to provide tailored solutions that best address their needs. 

Overseeing a team of 21 members, Harjono efficiently directed a pilot project that introduced the FarmCloud and KoltiPay. This strategic move allowed producers to integrate Koltiva's innovative solutions into their workflow seamlessly. Harjono's adept management ensured the smooth implementation of these technological advancements and facilitated a transformative shift in the way agricultural practices were executed. 

Empowering Agriculture through Innovation: Harjono's Traceability Advocacy and Technological Leadership 

Harjono's profile as a project lead at Koltiva

Under Harjono's leadership, the integration of FarmCloud and KoltiPay marked a pivotal turning point. Producers swiftly embraced these tools, recognizing their potential to streamline operations, enhance communication, and optimize resource management. By effectively guiding the team through this endeavor, Harjono played a crucial role in bridging the gap between traditional farming practices and modern technological innovation. 


As a passionate advocate for traceability, Harjono takes great pride in his role at Koltiva. Joining our mission-driven agritech company, he champions the crucial solution of traceability from seed to table, a cause he passionately advocates for through his dedicated team. The precision of data and field verification is a testament to our commitment to human-centered technology, which plays a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless traceability journey from the inception of a seed to its destination on the table. 

In Harjono's view, Koltiva's traceability solution aligns perfectly with the needs of the industry. This level of traceability resonates with the broader goals of the Indonesian market and contributes significantly to complying with export regulations for cocoa commodities. Harjono's endorsement underscores the pivotal role that Koltiva plays in driving sustainable practices within the agricultural landscape, fostering accountability, and propelling the industry toward a more transparent and ethical future. 

Harjono's commitment to traceability with Koltiva exemplifies our dedication to advancing the agricultural landscape. Let's work together toward a more transparent and responsible future for agriculture. 


Writer: Rihlah Nahdhiyah Bilkis, Social Media at Koltiva 

Cotributor: Harjono, Project Lead at Kolaka Utara 

Editor: Boby Hermawan Arifin, Head of Digital Marketing at Koltiva 

About the writer: Rihlah Nahdhiyah Bilkis, a skilled writer with a social media and copywriting background, excelled as a social media specialist at Koltiva, crafting captivating articles on products and producer stories for the company's blog, showcasing her unique ability to blend technical details with human narratives. Her strategic approach to social media has been instrumental in connecting with the audience, making her a promising talent in content creation. 

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