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Launching KOLTIPAY, a fintech platform for farmers in Indonesia

We are proud to announce our farmer first fintech platform with features tailored to rural areas.

KoltiPay makes it easy for our farmers to make payments within local and global value chains. Traders, agri-input kiosks, and they are enabled to access safe money. The balance can be used directly to pay farmers, buy fertilizers and seeds, and pay for electricity and phone bills.

Cashless payment method provides transparency and reduces the risk of theft, fraud, and money counterfeit.

Launching KOLTIPAY, a fintech platform for farmers in Indonesia KOLTITRACE selected for UpLink World Economic Forum's Challenge -

Easy digital finance for Indonesian farmers and agribusinesses

KoltiPay enables smallholder farmers to have access to financial inclusion and digital literacy. Farmers can start saving money in their e-wallets, connect their virtual account with a bank account, make cashless transactions, receive split payments, apply for a micro-loan, access crop insurance, top-up their phones, pay bills, and make online transfers from bank to e-wallet.

This fintech platform also offers a bundle of financing, farm inputs, advice, insurance, and market access. Koltiva aims to empower farmers with the tools they need to build financial stability, maximize their profits, and produce food for their communities.

Koltipay for Farmers

Giving access to micro-loans

We serve a population of unbanked farmers in Indonesia who were too high-risk or inaccessible to receive the capital and resources they need to succeed. With the right tools and knowledge, they can afford to pay back loans and recover from the financial effects of the pandemic.

Split Payments

"Split payments are a very helpful feature. Bank transfers can be received during the harvest season. But, when cocoa production is low like nowadays, I prefer cash payment to fulfill my daily needs." - Hj Baru, cocoa buyer in South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

This is a key feature that allows farmers to receiving part of their payment in cash and the rest as cashless via online transfer.

Fully integrated

KoltiPay is integrated in KoltiTrace, KoltiTrade, FarmCloud (for farmers), FarmGate (for traders), and FarmRetail (for agri-input shops). All these applications are B2B agritech solutions developed by Koltiva.


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