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KoltiTrace MIS, Featured Among the Top Deforestation Monitoring Tools for Business Compliance

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Digital Coffee Future Magazine recently released an article presenting an extensive compilation of tools designed to support businesses in various scenarios. Among the featured tools is Koltiva's traceability platform, KoltiTrace MIS (Management Information System), which offers crucial assistance in monitoring deforestation and aiding companies in navigating regulatory requirements.

KoltiTrace MIS serves as a comprehensive, integrated platform designed for agribusiness and producers, offering a multi-crop solution. By combining bottom-up and top-down datasets, KoltiTrace MIS provides a holistic view of agricultural operations.

The article highlights the importance of KoltiTrace MIS within the context of deforestation monitoring, showcasing its inclusion as one of the six leading tools recommended for businesses in this sector. Through KoltiTrace MIS, companies can acquire actionable data and insights that enable them to make informed decisions and actively contribute to sustainable practices. This includes data from farmers, input providers, traders, and extension officers. Additionally, we integrate top-down datasets from various sources, such as geospatial layers on forest cover, protected areas, deforestation, agricultural prices, sourcing volumes, or scientific information.

The Due Diligence statements that the EU Deforestation-free product regulation (EUDR) demands will require both bottom-up and top-down data. Bottom-up includes geolocation of farms, farmer contact information and consent, legality, land use rights, and safeguards for indigenous communities. Top-down data include geospatial layers on forest cover, protected areas, and deforestation.

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KoltiTrace integrates these complex requirements' data collection and analysis and facilitates efficient Due Diligence documentation. With fully traceable products and supply chains, our clients can provide evidence to authorities that their shipments have low to negligible risk and allow them to receive custom clearance for free circulation smoothly and safely.

Our integrated offerings within Koltiva's comprehensive technology ecosystems cater to all business users in the agriculture supply chain. This includes agri input providers, farmers, traders, manufacturers, retailers, civil society organizations, and governments striving for sustainable development goals.

Our traceability and farm management software (KoltiTrace) and training services arm, the boots-on-the-ground services, for agribusinesses and MSMEs (KoltiSkills). Additionally, we provide KoltiPay, a fintech feature that facilitates cashless payments, offers crop insurance, and grants loans to small-scale producers. Furthermore, through KoltiTrade, we enable farmers to access affordable agricultural inputs and connect them directly to premium markets, enhancing their income opportunities.

Supply Chain GHG Assessment

Supply Chain GHG Assessment Dashboard on KoltiTrace MIS -

Detailed GHG emissions from all steps of the agricultural value chain until the factory gate. See absolute GHG emissions or GHG intensity per ton material sources like emission factors. Easily survey growers and suppliers via mobile apps to understand GHG profiles specific to your supply chain.

Land Use Tracker

Land Use Tracker on KoltiTrace MIS Dashboard -

Provides monitoring and evidence for compliance on Land Use Change (e.g., deforestation) relevant to EU Deforestation-free product Regulation (EDUR), NDPE and other certifications. Calculates GHG emissions from Land Use Change, including Soil Organic Carbon, and allocates them to the emission factor of annually sourced products compliant with GHG Protocol.

De-Carbonization Ranking

De-Carbonization Ranking on KoltiTrace MIS Dashboard -

Offers a comprehensive assessment and ranking that identifies opportunities for climate action. We show you the Value for Money in your supply chain de-carbonization investments. Find the emission hotspots and biggest, low-hanging fruits in your sourcing across multiple commodities and sourcing origins.


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