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Koltiva Announces First-Ever Chief Climate Officer to Increase Its Focus on Climatech

Koltiva Chief Climate Officer  -

The agricultural food sector is at the heart of the fight against climate change, and its role is changing. Historically, agriculture has been a contributor to global greenhouse gas (GHG) net emissions, both from on-farm practices (11%) and contributing to land use change like deforestation (12%). Nowadays, agriculture is at the forefront of feeling the early impacts of climate change through extreme weather events and affected crop yields Koltiva believes that in the future, our food system will not be a cause or casualty, but a solution to climate change.

Accelerating this essential pivot, Koltiva puts climate change on top of its leadership's priorities by appointing its first Chief Climate Officer. Florian Reimer joins the company's management team building on 15 years of experience in Nature Based Solutions to climate change in the global south. Passionate about climate action and biodiversity, Florian has work experience in 14 countries and 10 tropical crops across five continents. He has managed teams and programs on a wide range of issues, including agricultural supply chains, agroforestry, forest conservation, GHG accounting, climate action, certification, geospatial analysis, and sustainable livelihoods.

Florian Reimer says, "Koltiva is a dynamic innovator for software-powered solutions to agriculture & natural resource management. The agritech revolution is inevitable for the large-scale transformation needed in the global food system, and let's now supercharge it for climate action as well!"

Both the effects of climate change on farms and the evolving landscape of targets for climate action, like Science-Based Net Zero Targets, make agri-food companies look for fully integrated solutions for sustainability and GHG management in their supply chains.

Regenerative Agriculture, Climate-smart agriculture, or simply a new definition of Good Agricultural Practices? The headlines change, but the objectives are highly aligned: Maintain and increase long-term sustainable productivity primarily through practices improving soil health, increasing farm biodiversity for ecosystem services, farmer income diversification, fighting climate change by reducing carbon emissions, and increasing carbon storage in biomass and soils.

"We need to address climate change head-on now to safeguard producers' livelihoods and our food system. All actors in the global supply chain must be involved in climate action! Koltiva is ready to support producers and our business clients on this journey." Said Manfred Borer, co-founder & CEO of Koltiva.

Demand for innovative technology and service solutions has emerged, allowing businesses to engage with traceability standards to benefit their company to be sustainable and environmentally responsible. With its end-to-end ecosystem, Koltiva focuses on enhancing traceability, inclusiveness, and sustainability. Koltiva is committed to implementing climate-smart practices in its end-to-end solutions to achieve a better and more sustainable future.


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