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Koltiva Showcases Sustainable Practices and Transparency in Newly Launched Book “Kollaborativ. Transformativ. Nachhaltig.” by Ars Biographica

This release is adapted from Kollaborativ. Transformativ. Nachhaltig. Zehn Schweizer Unternehmen und ihre Geschichten, published by Ars Biographica.

Koltiva at the book launching event "Kollaborativ. Transformativ. Nachhaltig" by Ars Biographica
Left to right: Matthias Kaufmann, Dominko Madjura

Zurich, January 2024 - Koltiva, an Indonesian-Swiss agritech company, is featured in a recently launched book titled “Kollaborativ. Transformativ. Nachhaltig,” published by Ars Biographica. Edited by Bernhard Ruetz and Thomas Streiff, the book showcases Koltiva and nine other Swiss companies, such as Kündig, FELFEL, Geberit, for their exemplary efforts in driving collaborative, transformative, and sustainable business practices. This marks the third volume in a series that delves into Swiss companies engaged in sustainability and innovation solutions.

The global community faces challenges from unsustainable farming and sourcing practices, climate change, and biodiversity loss. Recognizing these challenges, Koltiva takes immense pride in leading the way toward a sustainable future. Through Koltiva’s end-to-end technology ecosystem and extension services delivered by professional field experts and agronomist teams, Koltiva actively drives environmental preservation, climate-smart agriculture, ethical sourcing and empowers rural communities through financial and digital literacy.

Understanding that resource stewardship and a values-driven culture are key factors for economic prosperity, Koltiva is fully committed in pursuing a sustainable corporate strategy that delivers multifaceted benefits, positively impacting the company’s stakeholders (owners, employees, customers, suppliers) and the broader economic landscape while also fostering a stable societal foundation.

Digitalization and artificial intelligence profoundly transform the global economy, fundamentally reshaping markets, sales channels, production methods, and customer relationships. The full impact of this shift on sustainability remains unclear, as evidenced by expert insights like those from Dr. Christian H. Hoffmann within this book. However, one thing is certain. Companies embracing collaborative business models and strong partnerships are best positioned to navigate this landscape. These partnerships, rooted in trust and shared values, foster a comprehensive approach to sustainability. This enables co-creation and the development of sustainable innovations.

The spotlight in the book on Koltiva underscores the company’s commitment to sustainability, leading to a global supply chain that is not just traceable, inclusive, and climate-smart but also a force for positive change. Koltiva’s end-to-end ecosystem technology and solutions empower over one million producers, providing efficient and sustainable agriculture practices. Furthermore, the solutions are aligned with and support businesses in complying with evolving regulations in the global market, including the recent EU Deforestation-Free Regulation (EUDR).

“At Koltiva, we go beyond traceability. Recognizing the critical importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues, we integrate sustainability into our long-term success strategy. We comply with global environmental regulations and foster stakeholder engagement, which includes combating climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, fostering responsible sourcing, and adopting sustainable farming practices. Committed to transparency and sustainability, we actively align our end-to-end technology ecosystem and extension services with our field experts and agronomist teams to adhere to the highest environmental and social standards. This approach acknowledges our responsibility to minimize impact and support global communities,” said Manfred Borer, CEO of Koltiva, during the book launch event.

About the Book

Editors: Bernhard Ruetz and Thomas Streiff

Title: Kollaborativ. Transformativ. Nachhaltig.

Zehn Schweizer Unternehmen und ihre Geschichten

Publisher: Ars Biographica, 2024

ISBN 978-3-9524652-4-0

The publishing house Ars Biographica was founded in 2015 and specializes in corporate biographies

Press Contact:

Dr. Bernhard Ruetz

Owner Ars Biographica

Puentacker 3, 8457 Humlikon

078 932 29 00

Dr. Thomas Streiff

Partner BHP - Brugger and Partner AG

079 358 19 81 


Resource Writer: Vega Welingutami

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