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Rainforest Defense in the Digital Age: Tech Solutions for Sustainable Preservation

Indonesia is home to some of the most biodiverse rainforests in the world, which is of immense value for its local communities and the global climate. Protecting rainforests requires ongoing monitoring and management of the land and its resources to promote sustainable development in these areas. Digital solutions play an essential role by providing tools and data that help to identify and track illegal activities that are harmful to the ecosystems and create transparent data on the environment and climate, which can be used to make decisions for the following action. Furthermore, it can facilitate communication and collaboration between different stakeholders.

Nevertheless, similar to all technological advancements, certain obstacles must be addressed to harness the advantages of digital approaches. These challenges encompass aspects like obtaining open data, monitoring rainforest conditions, enhancing digital literacy, and establishing robust digital infrastructure. These hurdles have a significant impact, as evidenced by our experience in supporting agribusinesses with end-to-end technology ecosystem, KoltiTrace, a traceability platform that implements geo-tracing technology into their KoltiTrace MIS system to reveal geo-visibility information and collections in the forest and agriculture production sectors.

Land Use Change Dashboard on KoltiTrace MIS -

The KoltiTrace MIS system uses GPS coordinates, polygon data, elevation information, and other parameters to comprehensively view land use in rainforest areas. Subsequently, this data is combined with inputs sourced from NGOs, government agencies, and research institutions to obtain geospatial verification. By comparing this data, the KoltiTrace MIS system is able to identify areas of overlap between conservation zones and production zone. This visualization can reveal information regarding deforestation and sustainable practices of the supply chain.

In addition to providing data, the KoltiTrace MIS system also plays a role in climate action by recording environmental assessments such as carbon emissions and GHG emissions, allowing for identifying sources of emissions and implementing targeted reduction measures.

Boots on the ground team for data collection -

The fusion of technology and human intervention remains imperative to guarantee data collection's credibility and facilitate the integration of technology in rural areas among producers. As Fariz Kukuh Harwinda, Koltiva's Product Manager, mentioned at the Panel Discussion conducted by Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) last December 2022.

Fariz Kukuh Harwinda KoltiTrace MIS's Product Manager on Panel Discussion conducted by HIIG -

"Our approach involves a dedicated team of proficient field agents who collaborate closely with businesses and producers, expediting the adoption of sustainable production methodologies. These field agents are responsible for conducting comprehensive surveys, validating data, and overseeing on-ground operations, thereby ensuring the dependability of data collected through the KoltiTrace MIS system," said Kukuh.

Additionally, we go the extra mile by offering training and guidance through our expert field agents and agronomist team. This support structure aids producers in implementing sustainable practices, encompassing initiatives such as carbon emission reduction, enhancement of agricultural techniques, and the assurance that their actions pose no harm to the delicate rainforest ecosystem.


Writer: Vega Welingutami - Media Relations & Partnership

Contributor: Fariz Kukuh Harwinda - Product Manager

About the Writer:

Vega Welingutami is a seasoned Public Relations & Event expert with a strong background in the tech industry, particularly in AI companies, Logistics, Transportation, and Entertainment sectors. With extensive experience in creating impactful event conferences, Vega excels in engaging stakeholders and media to maximize the reach and success of each event. Vega's proficiency in public relations plays a pivotal role in her media approach at Koltiva.

Vega's expertise extends to crafting comprehensive media strategies to generate extensive coverage and buzz around events. By leveraging her deep understanding of the media landscape, she develops tailored communication plans, coordinates press releases, and facilitates media engagement before, during, and after events. This strategic approach helps maximize exposure and generate positive brand associations for all involved parties.


Aug 18, 2023

Interesting article!!! Kudos for Koltiva!! In the digital age, technology catalyzes sustainable strategies, enhancing our ability to safeguard these vital ecosystems for future generations.

Aug 24, 2023
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Absolutely! Technology's role in driving sustainable strategies to protect ecosystems is crucial. Thank you for your support! 🌱🌍🙌

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