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Celebrating Unity and Excellence: Koltiva's Remarkable Tribute to #SwissNationalDay 2023

In a significant demonstration of enduring international cooperation, Koltiva proudly commemorates the distinguished #SwissNationalDay 2023—a momentous occasion that unfolded with exceptional grandeur on August 1st. As an outstanding sponsor of this splendid event, impeccably organized by the Embassy of Switzerland in Indonesia, Koltiva embraces a profound sense of honor. The elegant setting of Ayana Midplaza in the heart of bustling Jakarta served as the captivating backdrop for this remarkable celebration.

Koltiva's employee joining the event of Swiss National Day -

Over eight hundred esteemed guests graced the event, underscoring the unwavering and robust bilateral relations between the sovereign domains of #Switzerland and Indonesia. Against this diplomatic backdrop, the celebration resonated as a harmonious convergence of cultural legacies and contemporary expressions. As the echoes of this exceptional gathering resonate, Koltiva remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing and strengthening such harmonious global affiliations.

Being an agritech start-up with firm connections in Indonesia and Switzerland, our venture took flight in 2013 when we founded PT Koltiva in Indonesia. Progressing further, we achieved significant milestones in 2017 by establishing Koltiva AG in Switzerland, solidifying our unwavering commitment to building ethical, transparent, and sustainable global supply chains.

KoltiTrace, end-to-end traceability app by Koltiva

We are privileged to present our comprehensive traceability solution, KoltiTrace, which plays a pivotal role for more than 6,500 agribusinesses to ensure compliance by integrating deforestation and risk data, contributing to the establishment of resilient and traceable global supply chains. We extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome, unveiling our identity as a formidable collaborative force between Indonesia and Switzerland. Together, we are reshaping the very essence of the supply chain, paving the way for a sustainable future.

Demonstrating our unwavering dedication to traceability from seed to table, we take great pride in highlighting Indonesia's pioneering eCommerce platform for traceable, ethical products, accessible at With our Tip the Producers feature, we encourage consumers to take the next step in their sustainability efforts by enabling them to show their appreciation and support directly to the hardworking producers for crafting their favorite goods.

Scanning the QR Code to see the transparent supply chain of sustainable goods from KoltiTrace SHOP -

The commemoration of Swiss National Day in 2023 is an enlightening reflection, mirroring the seamless incorporation of our Indonesian heritage and thriving global presence. It artfully encapsulates the harmonious fusion of time-honored traditions and transformative innovation. Analogous to the jubilant festivities that accentuate the resolute bond shared between #Switzerland and Indonesia, this celebration echoes our mission to forge connections that transcend geopolitical borders, empowering individuals and communities.

Manfred Borer a CEO of Koltiva introducing Koltiva's Solution -

The resonance of this profound event reverberates within the narrative of our journey, further galvanizing our commitment to instigate positive transformative change on a global scale. As we navigate the intricate landscape of modern agribusiness, our unwavering dedication remains unaltered - to sculpt a future that is environmentally sustainable, equitable, and prospers all stakeholders involved, and fueled by a dynamic blend of diplomacy, culture, and shared aspirations.

Switzerland's cultural legacy and steadfast values profoundly impact our appreciation. Through this sponsorship, we affirm our commitment to preserving and exalting the time-honored traditions that set Switzerland apart as an exceptional nation. We take great pride in our involvement in this momentous occasion, embracing it as a privilege. As Swiss National Day graces us with its presence, we extend our warmest wishes for a joyous celebration that beautifully bridges the gap between cherished customs and contemporary aspirations.


Writer: Rihlah Bilkis, Social Media at Koliva

Editor: Boby Hermawan, Head of Digital Marketing at Koltiva

About the writer: Rihlah Nahdhiyah Bilkis, a skilled writer with a social media and copywriting background, excelled as a social media specialist at Koltiva, crafting captivating articles on products and farmer stories for the company's blog, showcasing her unique ability to blend technical details with human narratives. Her strategic approach to social media has been instrumental in connecting with the audience, making her a promising talent in content creation.

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