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'Seed-to-table' Supply Chain Sustainability

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Published on : Oct 10, 2023

With the company’s SaaS solution, every transaction is digitised and made traceable

Springwise (Oct 10, 2023) - Spotted: Analysts expect supply chain sustainability to play an essential role in meeting the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals of organisations around the world. And where ESG standards were previously ‘nice to have,’ they have now become a requirement of doing business.

For those in the food industry, however, supply chains are particularly tricky. Now, Indonesian technology company Koltiva is leading the way with a suite of agritech, fintech, and climate tech solutions that provide seed-to-table traceability and support participants at all points in the global food industry.

Starting with seed manufacturers, Koltiva’s KoltiTrace product tracks a crop from the very beginning, as inputs are sold to growers and then on to agribusiness distributors, producers, processing plants, and retailers. Every transaction is digitised and linked to geolocation information, and a dashboard brings together a variety of information streams in an easy-to-understand format. The level traceability provided by Koltiva’s technology includes profiles of each producer and maps of the plots of land being farmed, and the company’s integrated Internet of Things (IoT) capability provides mobile soil analysis and measurements from digital scales, while the dashboard also includes information on greenhouse gas emissions.

To further support the food supply chain, Koltiva has also developed its KoltiPay product – a microfinance platform integrated into KoltiTrace, that brings cashless transactions to every part of the supply chain and provides smallholder farmers with access to insurance policies, online bill payments, and digital sales records.

Koltiva is not only focused on technology, but also provides support through ‘boots on the ground’. Through its KoltiSkills service, the company’s field agents support businesses and producer communities in adopting more sustainable practices, while verifying product quality and adding an extra layer of transparency. Meanwhile, the company’s KoltiTrade service uses proprietary technology to distribute agri-inputs and improves the local trade of high-quality single origin crops.

Koltiva is active in 52 countries and has offices in 14 locations. Having recently closed a series A funding round, the company plans to expand access to its software-as-a-service (SaaS) product with the goal of working with one million farms and farmers.

Written By: Keely Khoury


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