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KoltiTrace SHOP: Your Trusted eCommerce for Sustainable Products

In the face of environmental issues such as climate change, global warming, deforestation, and pollution, it is essential to consider how eCommerce can become more eco-friendly. With millennials having the fastest-growing purchasing power and a high level of self-conscious consumption, it is crucial to adopt sustainable practices. Being environmentally friendly does not require massive changes for your business, but it does require developing certain practices that can make a difference. KoltiTrace SHOP offers sustainable agri-based products and can be your trusted source for eco-friendly eCommerce.

To create a more environmentally friendly eCommerce experience, companies can adopt sustainable supply chain management practices. This involves considering the impact on people, society, and the environment at every stage of the product journey, from production to delivery. By implementing sustainable practices, businesses can contribute to more a sustainable future.

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Traceability is an essential aspect of sustainable shopping as it creates a relationship of trust between producers and consumers. It involves providing information on the origin and journey of a product from its inception to the table. By increasing transparency in the supply chain, traceability ensures that sustainable practices are followed, and it is easier to identify the source of any quality issues. It also protects the health and safety of consumers and preserves the reputation of products and their producers. As a result, consumers can make informed decisions based on their values.

KoltiTrace SHOP is a sustainable eCommerce platform in Indonesia developed by Koltiva. It curates traceable and ethical products from selected sustainable brands. The platform prioritizes environmentally sustainable goods that are produced and packaged with a high commitment to reducing damage to the ecosystem. KoltiTrace SHOP collaborates with local brands that improve producers' livelihoods and reduce poverty while caring for the planet.

The platform aims to provide customers with an affordable and user-friendly sustainable shopping experience. By scanning the QR code, consumers can trace the journey of their preferred products from the producer to the collector, warehouse, refinery, and location.

KoltiTrace SHOP assists registered brands with KoltiTrace MIS, a traceability platform that integrates with all Koltiva end-to-end ecosystems. It offers features like geo-location mapping, farm management, supply chain GHG assessment, traceability data, and deforestation mapping, which make it easier for businesses to communicate their impact with end consumers.

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Visit to enjoy your sustainable shopping experience with KoltiTrace SHOP.

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