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More Transparency for More Sustainable Products

This article is adapted from Deutsche Welle (DW)

Publish on: 3 March 2024

KOLTIVA end-to-end solutions support transparency for sustainable palm oil

March 2024 – DW TV has observed that Indonesia stands as the top global producer of palm oil worldwide, contributing 45.5 million Metric Tons out of a total production of 79.5 million Metric Tons (Statista, 2024). With over 16 million individuals engaged in various roles within the industry, including producers, oil mill operators, traders, and those involved in the food industry, the palm oil supply chain spans a considerable breadth. Ensuring genuine sustainability across this complex supply chain requires thorough scrutiny at every stage.

In a news piece titled “More Transparency for More Sustainable Products,” Manfred Borer, CEO and Co-Founder of KOLTIVA said, “We can't just build the software for the producer or the software for the trader. It has to be a holistic end-to-end system where we deliver a platform that helps agri-input suppliers, producers, off takers, and the mills up to the brands.”

Data verification is key to enabling and ensuring traceability at every stage of production, processing, and sales. Manfred added, “We have verification that the farm is not in protected forests, has not been involved in deforestation over the past 10 years, and does not exploit children.” We also help companies enhance transparent supply chains by mapping each actor within their supply chains.

Since 2013, KOLTIVA has become a global company with 800 employees worldwide. Armed with a wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, we’ve supported over one million producers in 52 commodities across 61 countries.

KOLTIVA technology ensure transparency and traceability for sustainable




Publication released by Deutsche Welle (DW)

Writer for Koltiva's website: Vega Welingutami, Public Relations & Event

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