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Shaping the Future of Indonesia’s Agriculture through Technology Innovations

Indonesia's agriculture sector plays a crucial role in its economy, but it also significantly contributes to climate change. The global food system, including Indonesia, emits substantial greenhouse gases and drives land-use change. Moreover, food loss and waste worsen these environmental challenges. Addressing these issues necessitates collaboration between policymakers and the private sector.​

To address these challenges, SwissCham Indonesia’s Sustainability and Innovation sectoral group is delighted to present the Webinar 'Shaping the Future of Indonesia's Sustainable Agriculture through Collaborations and Technology Innovation that will take place on May 24th, 2023. During the webinar, you'll have the opportunity to hear from experts, including our CEO Manfred Borer, as they discuss how the government and SwissCham member companies are working together to advance the agriculture sector in Indonesia through their technology and innovations while prioritizing sustainability and supporting the country in achieving the SDG goals.​

Manfred will also showcase how Koltiva's technology and solutions can contribute to the creation of resilient and responsible supply chains.​

Webinar : Shaping the Future of Indonesia’s Agriculture through Technology Innovations -

Don't miss out!​

📅 May 24, 2023​

⏰ 10:00 - 11:30 AM (GMT+7)​

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