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Promoting Traceability in Supply Chains: The Importance of National Consumer Day

Traceability is essential to consumers' rights as it enables them to make informed decisions about the products they purchase. By knowing where the product came from, how it was produced, and how it was handled throughout the supply chain, consumers can make choices that align with their values and preferences.

On National Consumers Day, celebrating and promoting traceability helps empower consumers to exercise their rights by providing them with the necessary information to make informed choices and hold companies accountable for their practices.

47 Operational Countries, 6 Legal Entity, 13 Customer Success Offices 

We are committed to empowering all of our consumers, fulfilling their rights, and providing end-to end data protection in our integrated technology solutions for producers, input shops, manufacturers, collectors/traders, agribusinesses, and end consumers. 

To cater to our global business users we have established the Customer Success Offices in 13 countries i.e., Brazil, China, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Switzerland, Thailand, Uganda and Vietnam. With total 94 active projects in 47 countries, It serves as an efficient information and support center for all of our users across the globe. Our dedicated Customer Success Officer offers helpdesk support, demonstrating our commitment to providing excellent service.

A world map with 47 countries marked where Koltiva operates, with 6 legal entities and 13 customer success offices highlighted.
Koltiva serves 47 countries with 6 legal entities and 13 customer success offices worldwide.

We integrate complex data, support sustainability compliance for our clients’ whole supply chain

We are committed to fortifying the consumer and user protection ecosystem in the fast-evolving technological advancements. Our compliance with the General Data Protection Regulatory (GDPR) standards and utilization of the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud server infrastructure enables business users with real-time data access.

Through our traceability platform, it allows end consumers to align their choices with their values and preferences by providing information on the origin, production process, and supply chain of the products they purchase.

An image representing how Koltiva protect data and privacy.
Koltiva prioritizes the protection of user data and rights.

In conclusion, National Consumers Day is an important opportunity to raise awareness about consumer rights and promote fair and ethical business practices. At Koltiva, we remain committed to strengthening the consumer and user protection ecosystem and promoting sustainable practices. By adhering to General Data Protection Regulatory (GDPR) standards, providing access to up-to-date data, and establishing customer success offices across the globe, we demonstrate our commitment to putting our users at the heart of our business. Let us continue to work towards a more sustainable and transparent future for all consumers.

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