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Journey to Resilience, Starts with Seed. Time to Conserve, Protect and Revive Indigenous Seeds

Seeds are the backbone of agriculture, and their conservation is critical to ensure food security and promote sustainability. As we celebrate International Seeds Day, an annual celebration that aims to raise awareness about the importance of seeds and their role in our food systems, we must also recognize the importance of seed traceability and sustainability and work towards promoting practices that preserve biodiversity, protect the environment, and support farmers' livelihoods.

Barley seeds in brewery

One of the critical aspects that is often overlooked is their traceability. The ability to track a product from its origin to its final destination is essential for ensuring that it is safe, high-quality, and produced sustainably. Traceability allows #producers and consumers to understand where their seeds come from and how they were produced.

Sustainability is also essential in seed production, which involves preserving biodiversity, protecting the environment, and supporting producers' livelihoods. It includes using organic farming methods, conserving and regenerating seed diversity, and promoting community-based seed systems.

KoltiTrace MIS for Agribusinesses and MSME

Our traceability platform, KoltiTrace, supports businesses and empowers producers by enabling the tracking of seeds from their origin to their final destination. This ensures that seeds are produced sustainably, safely, and highly quality. The platform provides information about the seed's origin and production methods, empowering producers and consumers to make informed decisions about the seeds they use. 

KoltiTrace supports the development of transparent and resilient supply chain chains, promoting trust and accountability in the seed industry. From Seed to Table.

International Seeds Day 2023 -

High-Quality Inputs Access for Farmers

We facilitate farmers with access to high-quality inputs from nearby shops through FarmCloud and enable them to browse and select the best quality inputs, including seeds and fertilizers, besides other key features to access eLearning materials, media, ePPOB, crop transactions, and received premium payment. 

Market Products, Manage Sales for Input Shops

On the other side, through our agri-input marketplace, Farmretail also allows input shops to market their products, manage sales, stocks & transactions, and provide farmers with necessary information about the products' quality, pricing, and availability. 

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