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Unlocking Indonesian Agriculture’s Digital Future with KoltiPay

Farmers transact using KoltiPay

Rural communities remain the large unserved market for financial services. Hundreds of millions of smallholder producers have faced low remuneration for their hard work and prices for their produce, resulting in extreme poverty. While rural communities need financial services the most, they remain the largest unserved market for financial services. On the other side, rural communities may have difficulty accessing traditional banking services such as savings accounts, loans, and insurance products. This can make it challenging for farmers, agri-input SMEs, and other rural residents to invest in their businesses, save for the future, and manage financial risks.

It is essentially important for smallholder producers and MSMEs (collectors, traders, agri-input shops) to have access to financial services such as credit, savings, and insurance to invest in their farm businesses. At Koltiva, we believe that providing financial inclusion in these areas can unlock the economic potential of rural regions, ultimately increasing household income and job opportunities. We empower rural communities and support financial institutions to have access to useful, affordable, and innovative financial products and services that meet their needs.

With KoltiPay, our eWallet feature for the agriculture sector, we provide various benefits from cashless payments, transactions, savings, money transfer services, a variety of loan products, crop procurement, premium payment distribution, and paying bills - Delivered in a responsible and sustainable way.

Exploring the Latest KoltiPay Features for Smallholder Producers and MSMEs in Rural Areas

A farmer using KoltiPay for payment

Receive and Make ePayments

Receive ePayments, purchase agri-inputs products or ePPOB instantly with KoltiPay.

Premium Distribution

Agribusinesses can execute premium payment distributions to farmers and suppliers with affordable cost, easy-to-use single dashboard.

Agri-input Purchasing

Purchase agri-inputs from farmers to kiosks, distributors, and manufacturers.

Crop Procurement

Buying and selling crops with a convenient payment method reduces fraud and promotes financial transparency.

Apply for eLoans

Tap to submit the loan application, get instant approval, and enjoy affordable low-interest rates.

Pay Bills and Top Up

Easy payment for PPOB services and agri-input purchases through mobile features.

Split Payments

Allows a portion of a transaction to be paid in cash while the remaining balance is paid digitally.

KoltiPay features

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